Sid talks about the Toronto Maple Leafs and their goaltending problems. David Amber from NHL on Sportsnet joins to continue the conversation.


  1. Jack "The Jackal" Campbell, (Jack)/Campb(ell)… It should be the new Alias for Soupy.. I hate his nickname lol… He deserves better.. Let's spread the word!
    "Jackal" is literally in his name, a Jackal is insanely fast with insane reflexes and agility, they are smart and cunning.. they can even outrun cheetahs, lions, and Jaguars. They were even said to be Gods in Ancient Egypt, and worshipped by the people. I think its the perfect name for his Greatness.

  2. sid's head as wide as his shoulders – great look and great point that goalie is critical – really need that to win tight games

  3. Soupy looked good in LA on a bad team. He was drafted High AF if I remember correctly too. Im betting that Soupy steps up, its his time to shine…and he is likeable for days isn't he? Lol

  4. So why did Seixeiro leave Sportsnet again? Oh right he was tired of talking about sports. So what is his big thing on BT? A segment talking about sports. Seriously, just go back to Sportsnet cause BT clearly isn't a fit.

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