Sid talks about the Toronto Maple Leafs not protecting one of their best players, Auston Matthews against the Calgary Flames. Chris Johnston from NHL on Sportsnet joins to continue the conversation.


  1. so many games are you high the leafs have only played 2 games in 8 days so i dont know what your talking about the media just talks to kill time half the stuff they say is just stupid

  2. muzzin isn't a fighter and bogosian has fought once. that should be priority #1 to get two physical forward that can drop the mitts. calgary has 4 or 5 guys that will fight. this is not a playoff winning formula the leafs have. they will get bullied again in the playoffs if they don't get some grit. at the start of the calgary win, the player hitting the most was marner. so you trade kerfoot for cap space and get 2 guys around the 2million a season mark. send thornton to the taxi squad. 1. simmonds-matthews- marner 2. new guy- taveras- nylander 3. hyman-engvall-mikheyev 4. new guy-spezza-robertson

  3. If Kyle is looking for a skilled forward who possesses little to no physicality that would be extremely disappointing for that team…players need protection and space more skill means more target for other teams!!!
    Shanahan was a power forward who hit, what is happening at MLSE?

  4. With his size Mathews should be running over players not running from. If it was the Ice Capades they wouldn't call it the NHL.

  5. Bogosian what was he doing? He gives Dermot pointers on fighting well he should take his own advice and drop the gloves…

  6. So you wanted Simmons to fight him just after coming back from a broken risk? Anyone with skill should not be fighting Lucic.
    The leafs are just fine. This break will help get Anderson healthy and Campbell gets to now prove he is ready to be the #1.

  7. Watch the next game between these two some Flames are going to get run over by Muzzin, Simmons, and or Thornton…this all stems back from the what the Leafs did to embarrass Tkachuk

  8. Sid there's a guy name wayne Simmons..the leafs went out and got grit…prove it..this teams needs to man up…

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