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  1. The best part about #6 is it’s on a future hall of famer Jason Spezza when he’s on the tail end of his prime. Just shows how great of a skater he is out classing a hof

  2. Crosby doesn’t have legs. He has actual tree trunks. His legs are massive. Thus why he’s so hard to move from the puck. His hockey IQ and vision are otherworldly

  3. I’m born and raised in Pittsburgh. Write about the Penguins for a job. He’s also insanely nice. It’s really annoying. You can’t be nice and that talented. Also…. he will beat Lemieux number wise. Also know Mario. Great guy and 87 like his other family member. Sid also missed over a year of hockey with an almost career ending set of concussions. Then had his jibs knocked out with a broken jaw. So he will beat Mario missing all that time. His hardware speaks for itself. Every MVP. Every trophy.

  4. one handed backhand wrist shot where mom keeps the cookies! That is a good description of #1 rated clip.

  5. Crosby is the best player ever Gretzky was in his generation head and shoulders above everyone else and I dont know how much better the next generation will be but hockey is just better every year

  6. I was at the game vs the oilers with number 2. I was 9 rows up from behind the net. Huge pens fan.

  7. “Where momma hides the cookies” You know your shit mate. Hockey is pretty fun to watch.

  8. Being from Pittsburgh ido really feel blessed to have had some of greatest sports stars to grow up to and watch….from roberto clemente to sidney crosby and all in between its been absolutely amazing…but mario lemieux is the greatest of them all.

  9. I played goal (not professionally) and I can tell you that every goal is personal. It’s never “nothing I could do about that:. You get mad at your defense sometimes but it’s never oh well whatever. The flip side is there is nothing more satisfying than pissing off an offensive player stopping what should have been a goal.

  10. React to Carey Price Late Game Unbelievable Saves, so clutch, I’d posit he was the best goalie of the decade

  11. please mike modano, he’s the reason why the dallas stars were able to survive being a hockey team in dallas (moved to dallas from Minnesota in 1993) nobody expected texas to support ice hockey(no ice in texas), but he was so great that the stars built up a knowledgeable fan base in dallas, and even won the Stanley cup in 1999. modano was so great that even during the dallas cowboys run of 3 super bowl wins in the 90’s, and football being king sport in texas, modano was the most popular athlete in dallas during the 90’s,as popular as any cowboy, which is insane and a testament to his awesomeness.

  12. Congrats on the sponser and when u do another NASCAR vid can u give me a shoutout its ok if u dont

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