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Simple Sweetcorn Fishing Tips

In spring and summer sweetcorn can be an excellent bait, it’s sweet, visible and readily picked up by all manner of different species.

In this latest ADTV video we show you a few tips on how to effectively fish with sweetcorn on commercial fisheries.

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  1. If you put the sweetcorn on the hook likethat, will the Carp not swallow it? i cant imagine getting a good placement in mouth with sweetcorn covering hook like that.

  2. If you use pinapple sweetcorn and red sweetcorn they worl the best. I use pole for fishing and I landed a big carp and baby carp too.

  3. Don’t chum unless you know the laws. The UK might be different, but in most places in the US, it is illegal to chum with pretty much any kind of bait. Using large amounts of corn to chum is a bad practice though anywhere… it blocks fish’s intestinal tracts and they die.

  4. Hi, I live next to a large lake called lough erne in Ireland and because of lockdown I can’t go to the fishing shop and I’m trying to catch perch but if I use sweetcorn or worms I catch roach but if I use lures I catch tiny pike. Any tips? All I can use is worms and sweetcorn

  5. Its a place full of fish soo you’ll always catch something plenty of videos like this I tried many times on wild places corn doesn’t work that much

  6. Here in the united states, when we make up a batch of packbait or ground bait, an edge we use instead of lake water, is cream corn in a can. No water. Put your flavor in the cream corn, stir, and pour in the ground bait or packbait. I prefer packbait as it destroys ground bait in every single aspect. From break down time to attracting fish. And its only one ingredient, not 25. Fish next to a guy who knows how to use pack and flavor in the right water temp. Ge the tissues out.

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