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  1. For your question at , I’ll tell you what I’ve always heard (and believe). When the NHL brought European players into the ranks in a major way during the 80’s they brought their footwork with them. The Finnes, Swedes, Danes and Germans grew up with soccer and would naturally kick the puck up to their stick whenever it got tangled in their feet. That influenced the game along with the more precise and elegant Soviet style of hockey that was having great success against the Canadian dump and chase (more balls than brains) style. Lots of hockey clubs do soccer drills now-a-days , even though it’s not very elegant to watch haha. But yeah, hockey is a global sport now with global influences.

  2. I’m born and raised in Pittsburgh. I write about the Penguins as a job. He doesn’t have legs. He has tree trunks. Anyone around here says it. That mixed with his vision of the game, hockey IQ and puck control he’s just amazing. If you call yourself a hockey fan but hate him then I always say they’re just jealous. His titles, gold medals, MVPs etc speak for themselves. When he missed that year plus and almost had his career ended the nhl did a video where players said why he’s so needed in the game.

  3. you can use your feet for anything but deliberately kicking the puck in the net, or kicking people and no you really didnt see this ability back in the day the last 20 years this game has become more technical Crosby is not a one trick pony.

  4. The owner of the Penguins, Mario Lemieux, has a few highlight videos that in some ways surpass Sidney’s skills, if only because Lemieux had a different build, more like the legendary Jean Beliveau. Mario hasn’t played in decades, biut even now some of his moves have not been equalled nor rarely been successfully emulated. I’ll let you discover the kind of “ordinary” night he had for his first game back from cancer. Another legend is from my home town, Montreal. He has his name engraved on the cup more than any other player in NHL history. I’ve meet the man, all 5 foot 7 of him. To think that his nickname was the “Pocket Rocket” because he was the kid brother of another Canadiens great Maurice “The Rocket” Richard. The history is more interesting than the scarce highlight films that exist, if only because the equipment was so different back then. Skates were steel tubes riveted to the thick leather soles of ill fitting boots, the uniforms were heavy wool that once drenched in a player’s sweat felt like skating around in chain-maile! But think about it: one of the smallest players in the league’s history has his name enshrined 11 times on the national chalice…er, Stanley Cup. p/s: The above-mentioned Jean Beliveau came close by having his name on the Cup 10 times…but he’s the overall winner because he added another 7 while an exec-V.P. of the “Club De Hockey Canadiens” It’s such a pleasure watching you discover something I’ve taken for granted all my life, BTW. Almost forgot: all hockey,, whether live or just clips, is always better with a cold one, EH?

  5. How is it there are now a number of folks from the UK reacting to NHL videos? How did you discover hockey?

  6. Glad to see you reacting to the beauty of the game and not just the “hardest Hit’s , serious injuries, like some NHL reaction videos.

  7. First skate to stick goal that stood out in my mind was Pavel Bure. Come to think of it he pulled it off his first NHL shift against the Jets even tho he never scored on the play.

    Crosby is the current king in this skill not really close. Also has the best backhand shot I’ve ever seen.

  8. checked your videos and found that you have not reacted to “Best of Wes McCauley”
    He is a NHL Referee and take it from that, they have a BEST OF video of a REF.

  9. if you like the skilled part of the game watch some of the NHL super slow motion on tipping shots, unreal hand eye.

  10. Loving these vids on the finer points of the game. The truly best players just seem to think the game at a level above everyone else, it’s unreal.

  11. “How do you stop him?” NHL defenders have been trying to figure that out since he came into the league 😂

  12. Also definitely check out McDavid. He is only 23 and has already played 5 seasons and is the best player in the league. He’s the fastest player

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