1. wow some of those were actually ok, mostly just the broken legs really. but then again, knowing soccer players they probably faked it lol

  2. @socut123 i play hockey and soccer and most people in soccer are pussys and would get destroyed in hockey we really dont have much padding and it definatly doesnt do anything when u get laid out

  3. @detand4 You are wrong about that. There are loads of impacts in ‘soccer’ ( call it football) maybe not in the USA but in Europe it can get pretty rough. For example with a freekick or a corner it can get pretty rough in the box but cameras don’t always see that.

  4. @detand4 i looked up the stats. there are more concussion in soccer than your american handball. It the heading situations when two guys use their heads to head the ball. I once lost a teeth because a guy headed into the bottom of my mouth.

  5. @detand4 i’ve hit plenty of people playing soccer. and i’m sure without shoulder pads or a helmet, it hurts twice as bad.

  6. i play both sports in the us and football can obviously be a extremee impact sport, but it happens when the play clock starts you constantly have those breaks also. in soccer its a constant sport and theres always contact,more contact if u ask me.you have all of those pads to in football.all soccer has is shin guards.but if a football player were to play soccer in a h/s game or so,they would realize its hard,much more contact,and more tiring.

  7. @SDAvngr It depends in which country you have played the sports.
    American Football is without a doubt harder and more intense in the USA than soccer is.
    In Europe soccer is without a doubt harder and more intense than American Football.
    It’s a culture thing, in my opinion.

  8. Most of those when their shin bends its their shingaurds if they are wearing them.Some aren’t. Thanks now i have a fear of pro-soccer. Thanks for putting this up though.

  9. and i have played both sports picked up foobtall this year never felt more pain after practices in my life, walk thrus are harder than soccer practice where u just do sprints and kick

  10. I’m a soccer player, and I don’t know how anyone could say that soccer anywhere in the world is rougher than American football. I would say there are almost zero soccer players who would be big, fast, and strong enough to play anything other than kicker on an American pro team

  11. try playing indoor soccer. The kind i play features wall checks, concussions, and much more of that good stuff. and most of all it takes mental skill unlike american football.

  12. @detand4 soccer is for pussies but american footbal 93.2% of injuries are below the waist and you call soccer pussy because injuries are only triping either way american football impacts to the chest sholders and stomach do not compare to rugby

  13. @guitarshop40 in american football they push eachother watch every hit it’s either in the air or you see the tackler give him a shove to make the hit look harder those are not hits look at Willem Alberts huge hit on Jaco Taute and no it’s not soccer just watch it

  14. @guitarshop40 m8 i hate soccer more than you do just watch the fucking video it has nothing to do with soccer

  15. @guitarshop40 hahaha? how did you know? did you watch it? i watched this video to see if there was actually any hits in soccer and i heard you saying how soft they are which i agree they are so i threw in an actual good sport

  16. you mean soccer isn’t as brutal as the american sport of hand-egg? i play football, and i take 10 times harder hits than i did in hand-egg. even though im american, i dont like our ways, and hand-egg is pretty much for pussies that don’t want to get a boo boo, wearing what, 15-30pounds of protective gear?

  17. And thats why You woosies wear 30 lbs. of gear, us in soccer we wear about 10 oz. and sorryvergeten is right, this is the real football, you guys use your foot about 1/100 of the time your playing, your sport should be called Pads&Hands

  18. in soccer, you are running at full speed, and if you get tripped or taken out, you hit the ground hard and there is no pads like football,

  19. Even as an avid player who has played for 8 years you soccer players who claim that soccer is anywhere near as painful/manly as football you are all pussies! I have firsthand knowledge that while soccer may lose some credit for the level of physicality It is nothing compared to some other sports

  20. Try playing pro soccer and see if it’s intense. High school soccer with a bunch of 14 yr olds isn’t a measure. I have played for the past 10 years, and failed to make pro cause of a torn ACL, MCL, and a broken tibia all within a 4 year span, which pretty much took me out of practicing. If you think soccer is not rough you’re on crack. And whoever said in one the comments above, “they’re all accidents..” Half the shit that happens isn’t “accidents.”

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