Soccer Tips ► How To Play Soccer With Fewer Mistakes and be more consistent on the pitch. Here are some soccer tips for beginners on how to play soccer for beginners with confidence and consistency.

If you are looking for soccer tips and tricks to humiliate defenders this probably isn’t the video you want to watch. However, if you want soccer tips for beginners that will teach you how to play soccer with confidence, you’ve come to the right place.

When you play soccer it’s important that you take care of the ball and don’t make too many mistakes. This video will teach you how to play soccer for kids and soccer tips for beginners that you can use to be more consistent with your play and make fewer mistakes.

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Soccer Tips ► How To Play Soccer With Fewer Mistakes

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Soccer Tips ► How To Play Soccer With Fewer Mistakes


  1. Hey Dylan, I gotten over my fear of the soccer ball but when the ball is flying up in the air towards me I get so afraid of it hitting me. Its what holds me back from playing a perfect game, what can I do to not be so afraid of the ball? I love soccer, also thats kind of the reason I never want to do a header or get ready to do a header in practice. I dont know if this makes me feel like a loser to you coach tooby but I want your advice. Can you make a video on this subject for me? But tell me some advice now real quick. Im mostly afraid when its a high fast straight ball coming towards me.

  2. Yo Dylan I’m a left winger Im fast, strong and I also have a good long pas and I get alot of assist but I never have good chances to score
    Every time I can make an action around the 16 I shut down and pas pls help
    I think Im just scared to lose the ball but I don t know how to stop that

  3. Hi Dylan this video helped me quite a bit today and yesterday I had provincial training all day and I killed my beep test score but I was average on the ball and I lost it a few times. The final cut is in April and I really wanna make it. Thanks for making these videos!

  4. At this point in my life, soccer is just a stress reliever and I don’t
    play competitive anymore. But I still like to watch these videos to
    remind me of when soccer was my whole life. It’s crazy nostalgic. Dylan,
    you were one of my biggest inspirations when I was playing soccer in
    high school, and I wouldn’t have had the success I had in soccer without
    you. I was training ever morning before school during the season and in parking garages while on vacation. Training with your drills became one of my favorite past times, and I still do it for fun. But more importantly, I learned how to work hard in every aspect of life. You taught me that natural talent means nothing if you work hard.

    I still train my sister who has a real shot of future in soccer with your programs (we have a drill called Toob’s Moves which is her favorite). I wish you the best of luck. You’ve always got a fan here.

  5. Your videos are really helpful and do you have any videos on defending or how to time your tackles more better?

  6. Extremely helpful video.

    I have learned a so much today. I always do with every video Dylan Tooby puts out.

    Thank you Dylan, for this video on how to make fewer mistake in soccer

  7. +ProgressiveSoccer
    Hey Dylan I LOVE YOUR WORK.I have a question that I hope you can make a video.I always have been playing soccer since a little kid. But right now I’m having a problem in shooting with confidence. I want to take more shots so I can get more goals. How can I fix this.Can you make a video? Please!thx

  8. sir,
    plz make a video on how to head a soccer ball into the goal with perfection. really need it.

  9. Progressive Soccer. I have this free that the soccer ball is going to fly at my face so I move out of the way. How can I stop this habit?

  10. +Progressive Soccer thanks dylan for the video an great work for it. i just wanted to ask, what should you do if your coach says that your not ready for the next level despite the fact that you have been told you are playing very well? would you use it a fuel power to prove he/she wrong?
    Isaac Jr

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