– Here are some powerful soccer tips that will teach you how to become confident. These soccer tips are simple concepts but very few players are actually using them.

Separate yourself from every other player on the field and use these soccer tips to learn how to become confident. If you can do that consistently you will see huge improvements in your play.

Soccer Tips — 3 Key Soccer Tips On How To Become Confident

Soccer Tips — How To Become Confident #1
Confidence starts inside of you. The way you think directly effects the way you act. You need to think positively. Instead of always talking down to yourself, you need to build yourself up. If you can look for the good and the opportunity in every situation, you will be much better of. Think positive.

Soccer Tips — How To Become Confident #2
Confidence comes from competence. The more you practice something, the better you get. If you aren’t confident in yourself or about a certain area of your game, do something about it! Practice. Practice. Practice. And oh… practice some more.

Soccer Tips — How To Become Confident #3
The things that you are afraid to do, must be done. If you can approach your problems and fears positively because you know trying new things and challenging things will make you better, you will become better. Feel the fear and run towards it, not away from it.

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  1. Im a 14 year old boy, desperately trying to play soccer. That one time I pushed myself to go to training, the boys pushed me down, moking me for trying. Its been 5 months and Ive been practicing but not confident enough to go back to training. Thank you for helping me soso much. I think I’ll go training next time 🙂

  2. im 13 and there are people at school and i know its not just soccer but they put people down and sort of bully u as they are more popular and i try to get confident but they always put everyone down. What shall i do?

  3. I play soccer in a league here in my home town I love the game of soccer but there’s only one problem every time I play soccer with my friends I’m pretty good every time I practice with my team I do play very good but when I play real games with my team I suck bad like all of my vision all of my skills I forget them idk I get nervous or something and it bothers me I need help

  4. My problem is that i’m new to soccer. I’m playing for my school right now, which is the first soccer team i’ve ever been on, and everyone else has been playing for years and years. I’d like to tell myself that I must be as good as the rest of the team, since I made it through try outs. My coach even started me for a while, but now that the pressure of my lack of experience is getting to me, i’m making more and more mistakes, and i’m only playing about half the game at most (with unlimited subs).

  5. Dylan thanks for bringing this up!!! I make accuses when I get scared of the ball and flinch which I hate doing becuz it gives my team the wrong message that I cant play soccer. I see the soccer ball going towards my head and either I freeze or walk away. I am worried my control won’t be as good or if I attempt to do a header it wont go well. I tell myself we all make mistakes, failure is whats going to happen at times but you have to keep going and moving forward and play the game you love

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