A Maradona move in soccer is a move in which the player spins 360 degrees while moving forward with the ball. Do a Maradona move with tips from a soccer coach in this free video on soccer.

Expert: Guillermo Gomez
Bio: Guillermo Gomez is a soccer coach and lifelong soccer player that played collegiately in Oxford, England, at Linacre College-Oxford University.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA


  1. @AngeloSka90 Soccer actually comes from England origin. You can look up the history of it, but it only represents a shortened version of the word “football,” since the English love shortening words.

  2. @erctennisguy It is a shortened word of Association Football which was narrowed down to assoc but then changed to Soccer. Americans took it and the English decided to change it but America didn’t.

  3. the term “soccer” came from England, its short for “association football”. its not American, they just used the word because they’re already using “football” for American football, and that would cause confusion…

  4. fuck americans! they called a sport FOOTBALL in which all players grab the ball with their HANDS !! AND ON THIS VIDEO IS SOCCER ?! NOT FOOTBALL !? lol jackasses

  5. @SuperTarHeelz lol, american football you barely use your feet! i think people should call “soccer” in where you use your FOOT most of the time except throw-ins and goalie,i think “soccer” should be called FOOTball

  6. Este ejercicio es para “soccer players”, no para verdaderos jugadores de football, como los latinoamericanos, quienes hacemos el movimiento de manera natural.

  7. haha it is the easiest trick ever but I like the trick tip fr starting soccer players. haha nice.

  8. @dosdude13 Dude why the hell would think itd Zidane move? You know nothing about soccer dude……….. Get your facts straight before you go saying stuff

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