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Soccer Tips: How to Prepare for a Soccer Game


  1. Hey Dylan, I dunno why but every time i think too much about the game i play really bad. For some reason if i walk into a soccer game just not thinking about it i always play better. is this bad?

  2. @ayske1 – Hey man thanks for spreading these videos. There is lots of valuable information here that Soccer players all around the world can benefit from.

    Keep training. Keep improving.

  3. @TheSoccerEssentials yeah our high school coach told me to play soccer a lot more and practice doing drills cuz it’s gonna be tough making the team next year and so I’m taking all the advice I can get and looking
    for drills from youtubers like you…

  4. @soccerman1998 Thanks. Appreciate the feedback. Be sure to get the Free Soccer Training Ebook if you haven t already.

  5. i have problem with anxiety. but this helps me a lot . i have soccer games with some guys every sunday and mostly every time i am nervous before the game. tonight i am playing so i hope i will be better cause sometimes i have great games but i always viewing my negative moves more than positive 🙁

  6. thanks a lot man , believe it or not for some people this video is gold . Reason any sport ive done the only one i get nervous in is soccer , and i dont know why. I feel like my performance has dropped lately sine i get nervous ! 

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