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The worst performance of the Super Bowl goes to the moron who got in the field and tried to make a run for the end zone, but didn’t make it and slid only to the 1 yard line. If you like content like Super Bowl highlights, please hit that subscribe button below.

The man wore a 1-piece pink womens bathing suit. He somehow got around stadium security and made his way onto the field in the 4th quarter.

The CBS broadcast cut away from the field invader seconds into his run — but fans in the stands caught the whole thing, including the cringe ending.

The fan started off strong, spinning around the guards, before running into a wall of security toward the Chiefs end zone.

But he couldn’t complete the run. Instead, he slid, giving himself up ON THE 1. Plus, he was wearing shorts so he wasn’t even a real streaker.

The fact he got close to players, refs, security and others while we’re all still in a pandemic is stupid and irresponsible.

Cops ultimately put the guy in handcuffs.

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  1. Was this dude a Seahawks fan? Because he got tackled at the 1 yard line. Damn that 1 yard line again!

  2. All I got from this vid is that you are no fun and you are a damn BLM supporting communist with a low asf self esteem


  3. Y’all see how we made the security guards Miss I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some free agent interest this off season

  4. You’re just jelly you didn’t do it! And he was definitely in the end zone, might have started sliding at the one but he is definitely in the end zone before he gets dog piled on. It wasn’t irresponsible of him to do it, it was irresponsible of the stadium security to allow him to get close enough to preform his silly antics! Now go be jelly elsewhere with your “Fail” lmfao! Stay down dude! 🤪

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