T.J. Oshie’s goal was called back after the officials decided the play was offside, even with the puck thirty feet in the air.


  1. There is an irrefutable anti Capital bias to officiating. Last in the league in power plays despite the best record in the East. Losing side of every call like this.

  2. They need to change the rule that if the opposing defenders are in front of you then it’s onside. IE absolutely no breakaways this way. This goal should count just from a non-partisan fan perspective.

  3. This is complete BULLSHIT. Offsides calls were never meant to be used and abused like this. The linesman already signaled onside with his arms after Oshie crossed the blue line, that onside call on the ice needs to stand. If not then what is the purpose of having any linesman on the ice at all??? Just to break up fights?

  4. I’ll be honest as a bruins fan I thought the goal should stand to me it wasn’t conclusive enough but we still lost in a exciting game Cant wait for Friday’s game

  5. So youre telling me, that the refs were able to find enough evidence on that angle to overturn the original call?

  6. Jesus lol offside or not you still got two dumbass bruins defensemen focusing one dude and completely forgetting about the center of their own zone

  7. Why is this controversial? Yes its hard to see the puck because no one thought of putting bright yellow tarp over the seats but when you figure out where the puck is, it is clearly offside.

  8. tbh in this case even if this is off sides, it doesnt provide a clear advantage to washington so asmuch as i hate it i should have been a goal cause that puck was playable

  9. The puck was dumped in from behind Oshie and landed behind Oshie. Anyone who thinks the puck beat him over the line doesn’t understand basic physics, regardless of the plane of the blue line. Oshie had to stop and double back to pick up the puck once it landed.

  10. It would have been nice if it had counted but when the officials are the ones deciding it could go either way but I’m happy we won

  11. Kind of hard to tell but at 2:23 you can see it directly above the blue line right by the blue screen. Good offsides call, but I can understand the confusion

  12. I slowed this down frame by frame, and you can actually make out (barely) the puck’s trajectory immediately before Oshie breaks the plane here. AS he steps on the blueline, the puck is in front of the Arbella sign in the middle of the Bruins’ bench between the loge and the balcony. That’s at least a yard or two behind the blueline. Therefore, it cannot have possibly made it into the zone before him. It’s the right call. What I don’t buy is the linesmen being able to figure this out on an ipad.

  13. I totally understand that there could be a camera angle that we wasn’t shown on TV, but I can’t agree with that call reversal unless I see it. I don’t think there’s enough conclusive proof to overturn this goal. Also nobody on the Boston bench saw that as offsides, they just took a gamble and got lucky with it. Bummer this happened but I’m glad the Caps still win this regardless of the call reversal

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