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Teamfight Tactics patch 11.15 will be looking to bring the “Sentinels of Light: event to the League of Legends-based board game.

The update will be called “Dawn of Hope, and the devs will be looking to introduce a ton of changes to the game in celebration of the event.

Teamfight Tactics fans looking for a detailed description of the patch can look up Riot’s official website.

However, for a brief overview, here are all the major highlights.

Teamfight Tactics patch 11.15 official notes

Set 5.5 Mechanics

  • Lowered the average number of bonus Orbs slightly
  • Increased small Orbs average value from 2.54 to three gold
  • Small Orbs containing two one-cost champs adjusted to three one-cost champs
  • Small Orbs containing one two-cost champ changed to one two-cost champ and one gold
  • Small Orbs containing two gold changed to three gold
  • Medium Orbs average value: 5.72 to 5.6 gold
  • Medium Orbs now have a chance to contain three-cost and a two-cost drop
  • Medium Orbs containing Neeko and two-cost champ changed to Neeko, two-cost champ, and one gold
  • Gold Orbs can now drop the Tome of Traits
  • Gold Orbs containing Spatula and Neeko’s Help drop rate lowered slightly
  • Minimum items received are now 10 components and one Radiant Item after the Stage 4-7 Raptor Round

Armories have received several adjustments, like the consistent return of the Stage 4-2 Armory.

  • Stage 2-2 Armory has two standard components
  • Stage 3-2 Armory moved to 3-6
  • Stage 3-6 Armory contains a total of five Radiant items
  • Stage 4-2 Armory is guaranteed as either two components, three components, or three components, and one special item
  • Stage 5-2 Armory is less likely and will never contain components
  • Stage 6-2 and 7-2 Armories remained unchanged

A total of three changes were applied to Carousels.

  • Stage five Carousel can now sometimes contain emblems
  • Stage six carousels can contain full items
  • Stage six carousels can contain emblems

Set 5.5 champions and traits

New Traits

  • Akshan: Ranger and Sentinel
  • Gwen: Mystic and Inanimate
  • Fiddlesticks: Mystic, Abomination, and Revenant
  • Galio: Draconic, Sentinel, and Knight
  • Irelia: Legionnaire, Sentinel, Skirmisher
  • Miss Fortune: Forgotten and Cannoneer
  • Lucian: Sentinel and Cannoneer
  • Rakan: Sentinel and Renewer
  • Pyke: Sentinel and Assassin
  • Olaf: Sentinel and Skirmisher
  • Senna: Sentinel and Cannoneer
  • Tristana: Hellion and Cannoneer

Abomination rework

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