I used to be intimidated by fishing in low and clear water conditions. However, I’ve come to love confronting the challenges presented by these conditions and I’ve even started to seek them out the last few years. In this video, I share 10 tips I’ve learned for how to catch trout consistently in clear water. I also put these tips into practice in a pool. I hope these tips will help you on your next outing in skinny clear water.

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  1. Great video! A video on how you deal with switching between rigs would also be useful. Seems like you had two rods? Is that preferable to one rod with different reels? Etc

  2. I was out fishing clear skinny water today, perfect timing. How do you have that at flybox attached to your waders?

  3. Great video Devin. I now understand better the importance of switching up the weight of the flies. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t want to switch or change systems and say to myself “there are no more fish in that hole”. But I see differently now. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for such an informative video. I will be fishing similar water in the Waioeka River later this week and although I caught a couple of 3 lb plus fish last week I had few takes.I will take on board your suggestions and half your skill level to hopefully catch a few more. Thanks from down-under in NZ.

  5. Devin, do you carry 2 rods, one loaded with a regular fly line and a euro rod? That is my biggest annoyance with Euro, not being able to switch out and cast drys into the wind

  6. Thanks for the video Devin!! I learned a lot. I found your point about progressing the weight of your flies from light to heavy in skinny water to be super helpful. I always to keep that in mind when I’m fishing an average size stream, but never considered it for smaller water.

  7. Great informative video Devin! I’ve been fishing a small local stream with my euro rig and was not having success recently. After watching your video it is clear that I have been in a rut by using my favorite tried and true euro set up. I’ll be hitting the river the next few days and your video gave me tons to think about, especially with switching up my rigs, flies, and leader (and analyzing the whole stream). During colder months, I just get too used to being in the mindset that the fish are always lethargic and hunkered down, so heavy nymphs dragged near the bottom are the only thing that works.

  8. Great video excited to see you do some longer format videos with some fishing mixed in. Scratches that itch when I can’t actually go fishing.

  9. Great post. Thanks Lance. Hey, we “stillwater” guys are looking forward to a video with some tips on loch style fishing and maybe some info on the “washing line” technique. Really appreciate your teaching techniques.

  10. That heron tip is spot on. I’ve learned much fishing prowess simply by sitting and watching them. These were all great tips! 👍👊🏼🇺🇸

  11. Being a professional, like yourself, why are you still not using rubber nets such as Nomad Fishponds, which are commonly known to preserve a fish’s natural outside slime coating?

  12. Near to far, back to front, shallow to deep…good approach! I’m guilty of not changing my fly weight enough.
    Question: assuming you weren’t talking/teaching, how long do you think you’d spend fishing a pool like this one with the rig & weight changes?

  13. Great advice & great video,heron step clothing color & fly selection are spot on,the other advise I’d give is limit your back cast or casting, standing or kneeling if your waving your rod around the fish notice it,they can see a # 22 dry so do the math,tight lines & bent rods 🤟

  14. Great video! As far as the colors where i live you must wear florescent orange vest and hat in the fall and winter in most of our good fishing spots. The conservation officials say that fish can’t see different colors. I know they are wrong but what can you do it’s hunting season?

  15. How do you handle carrying two fly rods like that all day? A lot of places I fish have a lot of vegetation around the stream. Do you have some sort of a fly rod holster or do you hand carry both rods and just leave one on shore? Also, It looks like you have a G4 Bag. How do you like it so far ? Thanks. Great video, I fish this type of water a lot.

  16. Another great video, I have been using your advice and it has been really paying dividends for me, the first pool/run i fished today I caught 3 Grayling and two Browns, fishing nearer to me first then fishing further away, and changing the weight of the bead during the run, of course in the UK we tend to have high water in autumn and winter, though the rivers are low just now, and its been a damp summer so a lot of the time the rivers have been running high, which has been good for salmon and sea trout, but presents more problems in a bigger river targeting Browns and Grayling, I have all the modern nymphing videos and the adaptive one , plus I have just ordered the new book, thank you for being a great instructor and a inspiration

  17. Hey Devin, watching this video again as a refresher for the low clear water we have in NC right now. I am looking into a dry fly/light dry dropper rod to carry alongside my euro rod for situations like this one. I read below that you are using a 9′ 4wt here. Any advantage to a 4wt over a 3wt dry fly rod? Is it better for casting long, Spanish style dry fly leaders? I am trying to decide between the two. Thanks for all these videos. Just placed an order from the store and really looking forward to trying the micro leader formula you used in Adaptive Fly Fishing with the Skafars Neon Wax.

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