Thank you Julian Edelman. We love you and always will. Happy Retirement

If you grow up in a sports town you understand why this one is emotional for me. You get attached to certain players. They become synonymous with your team, your organization and then they sell out for money and go and play for the Buccaneers or Yankees.

You wonder why you ever spent time rooting for them in the first place and you realize it’s because you root for the shirt. That shirt represents you and you take it personally when someone badmouths your team after you treated them like a God for twenty years. You’re mad because you supported that player through hell and they didn’t even look twice on their way out the door. Instead, they go to ESPN and run their mouths about the evil “Patriots way” and you wish you had back those 20 years or at least could go tell them to **** off…

Then you have guys like Julian Edelman who play injured, always say the right thing, and don’t blame everyone else on the team when they mess up (or get their man like, supermodel wife to fight their battles for them) instead they retire and go out with class. Thank you Julian Edelman. Thanks for 3 Superbowl wins #FoxboroForever

MVP The Catch in Superbowl LI KILLING the Colts 🙂 Top Ten Edelman plays.