He is the greatest of his generation of players.

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  1. All the Mcdavids jerk offs are coming out of the woodwork, here we go, 12 years olds and people that are bandwagons!!!!

  2. You’re right about coming back to win the Cup and Conn Smythe, big events that establish his place in history. He needed that to place himself in the very top tier, upper echelon. Give him credit for the work ethic too. Fun to watch, excellent passer, one touch speed.

  3. In a recent interview when he met Layne Matechuk from the Humboldt Broncos, he asks him and he says he’d like to play for another 6 if not more. You can check the video yourself (its a great one to watch, Sid is so nice) but that and the way I saw him in his practice videos this summer, the guy is a competitor. His drive is limitless. Looking at his past, I doubt would be a reason for retiring. If healthy, I think he’ll continue and try to win the cup again and again he has a true love for the sport and plays to win like he’s never won a cup before, it’s pretty incredible

  4. Like you, I think the Conn Smythe awards are incredibly significant– a player dedicated to his team winning the Cup, a sign of maturity.

  5. I don’t think he will retire unless he can’t physically play anymore. He loves the game too much just walk away.

  6. I’m not a Crosby fan…if anything I dislike the Pens…but Crosby is the best overall player in the league and has been for a long time. Maybe McDavid will be the next one, but for now its #87

  7. I remember the 2010-11 season and Crosby was such an amazing FORCE. It looked like he had reached Lemieux’s level that year. That concussion was so disappointing and scary.
    Those next couple years could’ve been Crosbys best prime season’s in scoring, but they were taken from him.

  8. There was a time I thought concussions would get the better of him, but he overcame that and continued his brilliant career.

  9. Game 5 vs. Preds… first shift, he splits the D, rings a backhander off the pipe while drawing a penalty, turns towards the bench as if to say, “jump on my back, boys”

  10. 1. I don’t think Sid is the kind of guy to retire earlier because he’s accomplished everything. He’s a pro athlete, and to get to his level, you have to be determined, ambitious, driven, and stubborn as hell. He’s proven he is tenacious and downright hard-headed (no kind of pun intended there). I think he will play until he can’t anymore. He wants more Cups, for sure.

    2. I really hope the several concussions he suffered through don’t show up as health problems – physical AND psychological/emotional – later in his life. It’s a real shame to suffer through concussions like that and I feel for the guy. Yes, he has accomplished so much, you just hope it’s not at the cost of his future quality of life. I’ve always been an Ovi fan in that rivalry, but as a hockey fan overall, and a human, you never want to see someone jeopardize their health. I hope he can live a healthy life after hockey and into his later years.

  11. Ovechkin is generational in terms of his goal scoring he only needs 5 more 50 goals seasons to beat Gretzkys record

  12. I said it before but I’m going to say it again. Crosby is and has been the face of this generation of modern day hockey

  13. In 2007-08 Crosby, I believe, had a high ankle sprain after falling into boards, not a concussion. His first, that we know of, was the winter classic game against Washington in 2011. I can’t see him walking away soon bc he figures he won everything there is to win already. He’s a beast when it comes to being competitive. Plus, he loves the game, so I don’t see him walking away when he knows he can still play at a high level. If his body holds up, I think he’ll try and play for at least another 5-7 years.

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