A goal by Chicago Blackhawk’s phenom rookie Jonathan Toews. An absolutely unforgettable goal by the 3rd overall pick in the 2006 NHL Draft.


  1. Oldie but a goodie. I’ll always come back to this video for a good smile. Early signs of an amazing player – one of the best players in 2016!

  2. Love watching Tazer play. In about 20 years we’ll have Jonathon Toews Heritage Night at the UC and retire #19 into the rafters with 9 or so Stanley Cup banners.
    But for Christ’s sake will someone please tell him to keep his head up out there!!! He’s been destroyed twice this year; we can limp along without Kane, Hossa or Sharp, but we all saw what happened when 19 was out.

  3. hes from oakville ontario, i live 10 minutes away. Where we live hockey is fuckin law. Canadian skilllllllll

  4. Were the fuck are you getting this from my mother fuckin point is that everybody knows that he’s a great player and no one needs to hear that its comin from teh mouth ofa penguin fan the mouth of teh washington fans no ne cares if your a fuckin penguin fan.

  5. So its my fault my hometown team won the cup and that gives you the right to lump me into some group you have in your head. Fuck off.

  6. Im just saying that we dont to know that he is an amazing player coming from the mouth of a penguin fan.

  7. I was pointing out that if you’re going to use him in an argument, you should at least spell his name right.

    I was just saying that I’m not a Blackhawks fan, and that I still think Toews is an amazing player. Apparently this made you upset for some reason.

  8. toews and kane are a deadly combination! i think toews is going to be an all time great! RED RISING!!

  9. I was 13 rows away from that goal. It was amazing…even the away announcers know how great it was.

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