The Daily Show looks back at Hasan Minhaj’s sharpest moments covering President Trump’s Muslim ban, the fight for equal pay in women’s soccer and Canada’s response to Syrian refugees.

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  3. We HINDUS, DIDN’T SUFFER ANY BACKLASH FROM US CITIZEN….THEY CALL US IT (information technician)….even all south asian persons are showcase them as a Hindu….I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY THERE IS NO BACKLASH TOWARDS HINDU IN WEST……… Don’t just blame American….I think it is the time…that islam thinker change there kuran….so that…it cannot be interpreted wrongly…by any of there religious leader….because, it’s 21st century…islam has already 56 countries….if you people don’t change your kuran….then I can predict…..future is going to be Harsh for you….

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  6. Syrian refugees are more cultured like 100 Years modern compare to Bangladesh and Pakistani Muslims .. But down the line 5 years , mark the date , we will see a burning Canada ..

  7. it is soo sad fleeing from your country because of war and terrorism and when you try to live a normal life in the new country you fled to everyone starts calling you a terrorist

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  9. Hasan talked to everyone about the women’s team’s pay gap, except for the people who actually pay them. I remember reading this article, the board said that the pay gap was due to the difference in income generated. If you don’t raise the actual issue, how can you hope to do something about it?

  10. Just so you know
    Barak Obama
    Stayed as president for a long time where
    Donald Trump stayed for a really short time and gained a lot of hatred
    I was even surprised to know he had supporters

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  13. Maybe women in US deserve more than the US men but if you consider the whole world the women can’t generate enough money to have equal pay. It’s the truth. Newcastle v Burnley has more viewers than women’s Champions League I bet

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  17. You think Islam is a joke?! Do you know the percentage of women in Egypt who have undergone Female Genitalia Mutilation? Do you know the number of women who are raped every day in Bangladesh? (Reported ones) Do you know that in Saudi Arabia men women and children are beeing beheaded, crucified and impaled every year in the name of Islam? … Fuck Islam ! and all other cults and religions for that matter!

  18. the us woman’s soccer demanding more pay is actually understandable. american soccer players are shite tbh. can’t say the same for nba

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  22. If the women’s soccer team wants equal treatment, they would have to pay just to play soccer because they make negative profit.

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