You will not believe the spectacular saves.


  1. I’m not laughing at the goalie he got hurt. I laughing at the attempts made by the guy who literally hit the goalie in the face 1,000,000,000 times. Impossible. I died laughing.

  2. LMFAO i caught this on twitter and i’m not joking. It was only when the chair came in that i realized this was a parody. Holy shit, the way it was put together felt so real and when the dude got dragged off by the team doctor, and in that way, i was saying WTF but still not getting that it wasn’t possible for that perfect face shot EVERY SINGLE TIME. good one guys, well played. 😀

  3. That fact that even just one person actually had to question whether this was fake or not is absolutely terrifying to me.

  4. I gonna say, that team is the worst at football…. If I had that player. I’m gonna sell it. Still funny tho.. 😂

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