Dog Fish Dave and Mullets Guts Levi caught an impressive bag of estuary species, whiting, bream and silver trevally up to 45cm, in Scott’s little 10ft tinny “Bill Boat Baggins” and Dave, with his huge culinary acumen (and appetite), cooked them up a treat.


Dave is a regular visitor to Japan and loves Japanese cuisine. His tip that Silver trevally makes the best raw fish was spot on. Who would have thought that the lowly rated silver trevally would make the sweetest, tenderest and tastiest sashimi? Accompanied by pickled ginger and dark Japanese soy sauce.

He also shares a secret from a top Chinese chef from Sydney’s Chinatown. A brilliant way to fry bream with the triumvirate of flavours garlic, ginger and chili plus a dash of Szechuan pepper. Once you have tried it you will never go back to boring old batter!