The, Me Myself and I, women’s 2021 Olympic AA is ready for you to discuss. Drink that Vitamin C kids.

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IMO: The only thing I truly want when watching gymnastics is fair judging. We did not get that in the 2021 Olympic All Around final. The Floor judges especially were not judging Vladislava Urazova the same way they judged, Suni, Angelina, and Rebeca. All 4 had messy landings. Angelina had issues with her wolf turn. Rebeca stepped OOB two times (one with 2 feet) Suni wasn’t perfect. The only one of them who was scored fairly was Vladislava Urazova. Jade Carey didn’t come into play medal wise but she stepped OOB and had hops on her landings she didn’t have in the prelims and still got one of the highest Floor scores of the meet. The Uneven bar judges didn’t judge all the leg separations by Suni the way they judged Vladislava Urazova who had a great routine. They didn’t even notice the out of control pak. The beam judges were not watching the same routines we were watching. Urazova was close to perfect as she could have been. Suni had 3 bobbles including a significant one on her wolf turn to start the routine. Rebeca had a great routine too(Though I need to watch this again to judge it fairly) Mail Murakami hit all 4 events today with some of the best routines she has done. She wasn’t judged with the same eyes these judges scored everyone else.

Suni is American so no one will complain which means NBC will celebrate this win and never discuss what happened. Hell, Shannon Miller was American and only Tim Dagget gave a care in the world about that. That predated Nancy Kerrigan hysteria (She should have had gold also)

ALL I asked for was fair judging. If you can watch Vladislava Urazova and Suni on beam and think the routines they did were only within 4 tenths of each other or watch floor and not see the landing deductions and come to the conclusion Suni deserved to win, we weren’t watching the same competition.

I have been a huge defender of Suni since she was a junior. I saw her potential and if she had done her prelims beam and bars in the All Around I wouldn’t be saying a word. She didn’t do that.

Thanks for listening:) P.S.-

Will Simone compete? (Nope. Simone is out) Can Suni hit beam, 3 competitions in a row? Will Angelina rack up all the Gold medals? And for the love of GOD, Will MAI FINALLY BE SCORED FAIRLY by these asshat judges? Will Andrade be the judge’s favorite again with a totally overscored beam routine? Will Listunova replace Urazova? Will Urazova shut me up for even suggesting that? Will we get a Gadirova twins duo on the Podium? Can China step up and remember they are beam hit machines? Will Ellie Black remember she almost won an AA medal in 2019? (Nope. Ellie is out) Will Melanie De Jesus live up to the hype? Will Nina Derwael Nastia her way to an AA medal? (And by that I mean a big bar start value and overscoring:) Who did I miss? Not sure about blogging Tuesday in the AM but we will see.

Who do you have? I’m going Simone, Suni, Mai/Angelina with no way to break the tie so they both get a medal. I’m never right by the way 🙂

Shannon Miller making the rounds on the news channels CNBC, TDT and Huckabee. The first 2 are about Simone.

Unpopular opinion: Simone is out because she knows she doesn’t have it anymore and she doesn’t want to lose. Now, she is the martyr instead of the most decorated. Michael Phelps is the best Olympian of all time and best he could get is an NBC gig after winning a gazillion medals. Olympians have a shelf life. Gabby isn’t even in commercials anymore. Olympians have shelf lives. Best of luck to Simone dealing with her demons.


Me keeping track for future reference


Mai did the DTY. Start values [5.4 – 5.9 5.8 – 5.9] Vault score whacked all Olympics for top group esp Jade. Cheng’s for Andrade and Carey. DTY’s for rest. Jade most overscored.

Bars: Mai 5.9 7.833 (13.733) Andrade 6.3 8.366 (14.666) Carey 5.5 8.000 (13.500) Urazova 6.3 8.566 (14.866) Melnikova 6.3 8.600 14.900 Suni 6.8 8.500 (15.300)

Beam: Mai 5.9 7.966 (13.766) Urazova 5.9 8.300,(14.200) Melnikova 5.4 8.300, (13.700) Suni 6.1 7.733 (13.833) Rebeca 5.7 7.996 (13.633) Carey 5.1 with 6.443 (fall or would have been 7.443)

Floor: Mai 5.9 8.100 (14.000) Urazova 5.100 8.300 (13.400) 5.7 8.266 13.966 Suni 5.6 8.100 (13.700) Rebeca Andrade 5.9 8.166 13.666 ( 4 tenths OOB) Carey 6.3 7.766 (13.966) 1 Ooob

Jade’s execution vs Mai is blatant cheating especially bars and beam and even floor. Andrade was grossly overscored on floor but her bars and beam were also underscored. Sun’s biggest gift was execution on bars and score overall on beam. Urazova underscored compared to every bars on. Floor scores were high for all with their landing issues especially Andrade EXCEPT Urazova who was deducted way more harshly than anyone else.

All around judges. Explains the floor results in the AA.