I actually googled – is horse riding the most dangerous sport in the world?
It ranks ABOVE bull riding!!!!!!
4 people a month die in the Equine Industry, that means that more people die working with horses every year than from taking Heroin. (Factual Statistics from College, not made up!) Around 49 people die are year from working with horses, you don’t even have to be riding to be killed.

Many many people say.
‘Horse Riding isn’t a sport’ – Why is it featured in the Olympic Games then?
‘Horse Riding is easy.’ – Why don’t you actually get on a real horse and tell me that?
‘Horse Riding takes no skill.’ – Horse riding is one of the most precise and skilled forms of sport there is, a simple mistake will be the difference between life and death.
‘All you have to do is sit there and look pretty.’ – If you were to sit there and look pretty coming up to a jump the horse would chuck you over it instead, you have to work to get somewhere with a horse.

All these people who makes these comments seem to forget that horse riding IS the most DANGEROUS sport in the WORLD, even racecar drivers have seatbelts, enforced framed cars, reinforced windshields and shatterproof glass. We do not.

So to these people who make these comments, could you do it?

Honestly, you know you couldn’t which is why you make those comments, or you are stupid enough to think you can.

One day you may get on a horse and realise what we are talking about.

It is NOT just a hobby, NOT just a sport, it is a way of life. People live their whole lives around horses.

It is a partnership stronger than love, a husband or boyfriend will never commit to you like a horse does, never do the things a horse will do for you, never love you unconditionally until the day it dies without ever blaming you for something you did.

It is not an easy partnership, you cannot just expect to take and not give. You must put in the effort, getting up in any weather, looking after any ailment.
You must work together to build up strength, stamina and speed, riding a horse is more demanding and over all better for you than a lifetimes membership to a gym (more college statistics, not made up!)

By the end of your training with horses, your legs will be sold rock, so will your core muscles, your arms could pull back an army attack dog without any give, you can see a line up to any obstacle, you can work out any distance, anywhere, anytime. It works your eyes, ears, muscles and mind.

You can drive better due to learning to read cars movements when on the road, you can measure things just by a look, you can tell how fast a car is going, you can tell what speed something is going.

Riding a horse and being a Horse Rider are two totally different things, anyone can sit on a horse and ‘ride it’, but you have to be ready to rish anything to be a horse rider.

If you haven’t ridden a horse before, hopefully this will help you to understand to a certain point, but until you have ridden a horse, and I mean ridden. Worked it, trained it, trained yourself and cared for it, you will never understand what we mean.

I hope you like this video, it has taken me HOURS