From the movie “The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad!” (1988)


  1. I wonder if any of these were actual baseball highlights. Obviously the car, tiger and head decapitated scenes were made for the movie, but most of the others could pass for highlights in an actual game, especially the one of the third baseman and catcher for the Detroit Tigers colliding over a foul ball.

  2. For years I had thought the player who lost his head was Ken Griffey Jr. However, this movie came out in 1988 and Griffey was a rookie in 1989. It couldn’t be his father, Ken Griffey Sr. either since he spent most of his career with Cincinnati and briefly played with his son in Seattle in 1990 and 1991.

  3. Just can’t say why but someone should have done similar to 0:34 with a player being eaten alive by Wrigley Field’s wall foliage.

  4. People missing pop ups bad slides running into each other and then tiger attack and decapitation

  5. Yo When He Loses His Head,Is Fucking Hilarious!!! I Wonder In A Real Game If That Happen Would People Laugh LoL

  6. I laughed at this 26 years ago, I laughed at 16 years ago, laughed some more 6 years ago and I’m still laughing at it now… The Zucker brothers are fucking legends

  7. I’ll be darned, the same Angels player gets hit by a car and attacked by a tiger. Poor guy! At least his head didn’t fall off.

  8. 0:34 lost my shit at age 9 when I first saw it. Twenty years later. Still can’t stop laughing. Comedy gold.

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