The Mitchell Trubisky era in Chicago is officially over.

When Andy Dalton signed with the Bears and was guaranteed the starting gig, it became clear that Trubisky would be looking for work elsewhere this offseason. On Thursday, the 26-year-old former Pro Bowler agreed to a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills. And sure, the internet was going to get its collective jokes off no matter where Trubisky signed, but in the end, he’s a cheap, low-risk upgrade for the Bills, who now have the No. 2 overall pick from the 2017 draft serving as the franchise’s backup signal-caller.

Which brings us to today’s quiz of the day. Trubisky still has time to rehabilitate his NFL career, but from Chicago’s point of view, he’s just the latest in a long line of high profile quarterbacks to flame out. So with that in mind, can you name the last signal-caller each team has drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft? Five minutes are on the clock.

Good luck!