Moscow’s Sambo club, a multi sports complex with a strong gymnastics history, is currently being demolished and rebuilt with new, improved facilities.  This is not the only example of ongoing sports development in Moscow as the new Dynamo complex, sponsored by VTB, approaches readiness.  

Sambo has produced many world and Olympic champions, including Maria Paseka, Seda Tutkhalyan Alla Sosnitskaya and Elena Zamolodchikova. I remember a time when Zamolidchikova could only practice her vault with full run up by beginning it in the corridor beyond the main gym, so this development has to be positive!  
The club is also home to Greco-Roman wrestlers, with Seda’s father, Gurgen Tutkhalyan, as a coach.
Renat Layshev, who is an MP in the local Moscow Duma, and Director General of the sports club, posted these pictures on his Instagram account.
Ooo – I almost forgot to mention – figure skaters Evgeniya Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova also compete for the Sambo club!  See them fight for medals at the Winter Olympics this weekend!