Ninh explains the Rules of Football (Soccer). A beginner’s explanation of the laws of Soccer. Watch this short tutorial video guide on how Association Football is played.
Learn about fouls, offside rule, throw ins, corner kicks, penalty kicks, free kicks, goals and more.

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Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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  2. Bloody PE teachers, also the Bachelor is back on Youtube TV, try two weeks free.

  3. I’m surprised this isn’t his most viewed video, because football is the most popular sport in the world

  4. AND if it is an elimination or a championship match and the game ends with a tie both teams go to two 15min halves and if no side could break the tie they go to penalty shootouts to determine the winner

  5. 2:19 did you really have to remind us Irish fans of that night in Paris

    “If you happen to touch the ball with arm, elbow, forearm or hand, a referee will cal handball against you, and possession of the ball is awarded to the other team”. Try telling Martin Hansen that.

  6. I am football player i know the rules i am watching because it got recommended and ninh is one of my favourite youtuber

  7. I need to send this to referees before they officiate Man United games… Just to remind them what the rules are, and that teams other than United can get free kicks and penalties too 😉

  8. El deporte más grande popular practicado y amado del MUNDO se llama FOOTBALL y es el verdadero original real y único FOOTBALL que existe no existe otro

  9. I’ve been playing football since I was 5 years old, however it turns out I would do litteraly ANYTHING to avoid uni work, so here I am

  10. I had to watch this for a school assignment, and I must say, this was very informative, yet entertaining and helpful! I really enjoyed this! Thank you for making it!

  11. Offside is a simple rule, it prevents players from waiting for the ball near the opponent area when they are attacking on the other side. You can receive the ball only if there is two opponents between you and their goal line (including the goalie). The key moment is *when* the ball is passed, *not when* the player receives it.
    *BUT* sometimes this rule does not aply, when: You’re on your own half; any throw in or corner kick; you’re behind the position of the ball; the ball comes from a opponent.
    The offside rule is one of the best rules ever created on the history of footbal.

  12. About OFFSIDE – Last defender is not correct. “If attacking player closer to goal line than penultimate player of the defending team”. Penultimate player is not necessary need to be defender, it can be any player of the defending team, even goalkeeper.

  13. Actually the offside rule is explained incorrectly in this video. You are offside when you are more advanced than the penultimate defender as the goalkeeper is included in the rule. Maybe they said that not just to complicate things. Still incorrect though.

  14. You can make fair contact without touching the ball too during shoulder charges, holding the opponent off, and protecting the ball with your body.

  15. Association football is the most popular sport in the world, It is included in the Summer Olympics.

  16. You explained the offside rule the easy way and the way you explained it, it applies probably 99,9% of the time. However the correct definition is not that you can’t be in front of the last opponent defender. The rule is, there must be at least 2 opponent players in front of you (1 of them is almost everytime the opponent’s keeper). There are situations where you still have a defender in front of you and think you’re onside but the opponent’s keeper is behind you so you are offside because there was only one opponent in front of you.

  17. No Ninh Soccer is only at America, Canada, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

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