The Silent Child centres around a profoundly deaf four year old girl named Libby who is born into a middle class family and lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker teaches her the gift of communication. This film won the Academy Award for Best Short Film (Live Action) at the 90th Academy Awards.


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  4. Has anybody else here been in Joanna’s situation?
    As a aide/teacher/etc, who taught/encouraged sign, and… ultimately, was not the final decision-maker as to whether it would be continued or discouraged by future teachers when you stopped working with the kids yourself.

  5. …I might be in a similar boat to joanne sometime in the coming month, and as I was watching and just realizing how little time was left in this film for any sort of resolution…
    Well. I’m… still sorting through some emotions right now.

    (Not due to the family in my situation.
    But supervisors.
    I’ll have to leave the company (and thus, the kids and their families) I work with sooner rather than later for both financial reasons and honestly ethical reasons,
    but I am… actively not letting myself think too hard on my own version of the end of this film.)

  6. How can anything “center around?” These verbs are antonyms. The film can ‘center on’ the main character, although that is a rather hackneyed phrase. For that matter, ‘middle-class’ as an adjective requires the hyphen. And one does not ‘teach’ a gift, one ‘gives’ or ‘bestows’ or perhaps ‘imparts’ gift. Who write this stuff?

  7. All this alert of the human trafficking and the murder n Canada all as o tusa to the movie snuff to now the silent children

  8. This past weekend, I heard one of the film’s executive producers, Vanessa Johnston, talk about this film at the Conference For Global Transformation. I had to watch the film right away! I was enthralled and disturbed. Although we all love happy endings, the realism of this short film was perfect in getting the message out there that deafness is a silent disability that needs much more attention and destigmatization. I have minimal use of sign language (enough for my work with young children with autism who are not deaf), and this film makes me want to become fluent. So glad I got to see this. I agree that a full length movie would be awesome – what happens as the silent child grows up and struggles?

  9. I am hearing and have been learning BSL since a year or so. Started with an Introduction Course and then completing and passing Level 1, signed up for Level 2 which starts in February for 10 months. Sign Language is such a beautiful way to communicate and it should definitely be taught in schools around the world. People should be more interested in the Deaf community and how to communicate with people who are Deaf/deaf. Great film and congrats on the Oscar.

  10. I’m deaf also and I get bullied at school but I can’t stand up for myself because I can’t speak I try but I’m scared

  11. This is beautiful film, I cried in the end when Libby and Joanne were apart each other and final word said “I love you” in sign language that is beautiful. Honestly it is powerful message that need to understand how to keep the deaf people to be more including the other society and culture. I’m deaf I can understand how hard to be part of the society including being in the family.
    Well deserve the award! MAN! this film so moving!!

  12. A master fully crafted film!!! So true! As a deaf person who graduated from a deaf school, two of my kids are deaf and they go to the deaf school where I teach at. They love it there and are involved in every aspect- academics, sports, math bowls, spelling bees, sleepovers, birthday parties, and more.. this girl in the movie is one of millions in the world who suffer needlessly from language deprivation.

  13. Omg I am cried a lot because this movie make me inspired. And I wish this movie could add “The SIlent Child 2”

  14. I’m hearing, learning ASL, and was shown this movie by my deaf instructor. It’s so sad, and so real. Honestly, I don’t even know how real. I’ve only heard stories and accounts of the isolation that occurs in the deaf community. I love Sign, and the deaf community is so beautiful to get to know. What an absolute shame and waste that more people don’t try to learn.

  15. Excellent and stark reality of the parents verses the teacher. The pull to want a “normal” life has tragic results.

  16. There is more to this story. And this is real life is a video about the long term effects of language deprivation on deaf children

  17. Such an amazing film an definitely deserves an Oscar. This is why, as a hearing person, I’m learning sign language. It’s unacceptable that this continues.

  18. Truth! A simple message for all Audio-speaking ability parents! Could you listen to what I am telling you that ‘I am “Libby” too!’ ❤️

  19. So thrilled for the team that you won the Oscar – what a beautifully crafted film with a very powerful message and at it’s centre, a gem of a performance from little Maisie Sly. Job well done.

  20. Fabulous and POWERFUL film… Local Authority Education and Government need to see it and think again.. watched it 3 times! 🤓
    Libby’s family are so SELFISH!

  21. I’ve been very interested in pursuing ASL, ever since I watched Switched At Birth two years ago. This short film proved to me that I need to do just that. Thank you, for everyone involved in this short film I commend you. I hope this opens the eyes of many people. Such a beautiful film. I am so so happy that this won an Oscar so that more people can become aware of the realities of what not only deaf children, but the deaf community go through.

  22. It says I can’t purchase it on iOS, and it isn’t on iTunes. I’d love to see and support this film, anyone know how I can?

  23. This story was heartbreaking and they did a fine job. Towards the end of the film I thought this couldn’t possibly be happening in mainstream schools. It’s surely not the best place for a deaf child. But then that statistic at the end was shocking. Mainstream schools could be a very scary and isolating place without the right support. Inclusive education sounds high risk for deaf children.

  24. Very emotional and very positive feeling hearing parents need understand what is like being deaf I am deaf myself my parent did dislike me signing they put me oral lip reading school

  25. Such an important film, it made me cry! I’m learning sign language and hope that one day I have the skills and knowledge to support a deaf child / children in schools! Now, where’s my tissue?!!

  26. It very emotional film hearing people or government will feel bounce and realise how deaf people feel

  27. as a profoundly deaf born person…..I can totally relate to the girls isolation. and its powerful message. Excellent movie , Please make more !

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