The Way of the Exploding Fist – C64. Released for the Commodore computer by Melbourne House. A top-notch Karate Champ clone, AND had the coolest video game title, ever!

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Watch Buck have a bad day in the arcade laserdisc game Badlands (Konami 1984)”



  1. Wow found this by chance. Me and my mates around 17yrs old getting back to my parents house, pissed lol having drunken competitions of this on my commodore 64. Great days.

  2. I remember sneaking to stay awake to play Exploding Fist, forgetting the volume was on and throughout the house came a surprisingly loud, “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH CHAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!”

  3. I just realized (after more than 25 years), that the digitized scream at the beginning is from Enter the Dragon.
    Check it out at 2:00:
    Enter the Dragon (1/3) Movie CLIP – Lee vs. O’Hara (1973) HD

  4. For those like the bull bonus is based on a great fighter of all times Choi Yeung-Eui, view and enjoy the movie Fighter in the wind.

  5. Pure perfection. This game is the mother of all VS fighters and also has something of implicitly philosophical.

  6. I loved this and IK games. I used to kick my buddies ass, because I mastered one of the first unbeatable combos – Leap over the head and do the spin-punch to the kidneys. Like early Ryu/Ken Hadoken, I spammed that bastard over and over. They never played me, even though we all enjoyed it. Exploding Fist rocked. International Karate rocked. Kung Fu Master rocked. Anyone remember “Ninja”? That game owned my life as a 12 year old.

  7. Although not the first martial arts game (Karate Champ and Kung Fu Master were released in 1984) with its excellent character animation and a wide variety of moves, this game set the standard and influenced beat-em-up’s that followed such as International Karate.

  8. @baconismagic Karate Champ was ugly as hell, had crappy animations and wierd physics. International Karate had the most excellent and smooth animations, brilliant physics and with out a doubt the best music ever written to any 8-bit console. Plus the characters didn’t look gay. So actually… You’re wrong.

  9. @MacRief Way of the Exploding Fist was released in June 1985, and International Karate was released in November 1985.

    So you’re still wrong.

    The 1985 version of International Karate was developed by a different team for the ZX Spectrum, and probably isn’t the International Karate you’re thinking of.

    So you’re double wrong.

    In any case, they’re both clones of Karate Champ, which was far better than both of them.

    Also you’re still wrong.

  10. @baconismagic Way of The Exploding Fist ain’t got SHIT on IK!
    Deal with it.
    By the way IK was released in 1985 also.
    Deal with that too.

  11. @flyingcumshot International Karate. When you hit space or waited for a while they lost their trousers. This game above is a total rip off of that game. International Karate was the best game for C64 imho.

  12. i remember this game from back in the day, scary noises coming from my bedroom as if i had a demon in there.

  13. @prammaven Yes. This was a very early C64 game. Speech synthesis was a miracle. The whole game was a miracle.

  14. @prammaven It was actually the “sound” of a tipical Karate shout that fighters do. I remember the first time I played this game with my sister I scared the hell out of she when I knew the shouting will come and I turned at max the tv volume.

  15. It seems to be similar to the World Karate CHampionship or International Karate, but with different backgrounds.
    Same sprites, same moves…

  16. I played this game a lot when I was a kid. The invinsible move is to crouch down and do the leg sweep. If the cpu player gets too close, do a crouching jab.

  17. I don’t even care about the scream, as it just fits into the general quality of digitized audio back then. What gets me more is the fact that this game looks an awful lot like International Karate…

  18. It’s actually a sample of Bruce Lee from Enter the Dragon – shockingly compressed, of course 🙂

  19. @Umma6umma They’re just sounds robbed from 70’s kung fu films, and then horribly compressed. Ever play the Barbarian games on C64? The sound effects were blatantly robbed from the Conan films lol. Love these old classic games though, glad I was a gamer during the golden age!

  20. @Umma6umma Actually, it’s from Bruce Lee’s film “Enter the Dragon” 🙂 Yes I know, necro-bump from hell (3 years!?)

  21. IK was more polished and a very good game, but still doesnt take anything away from this classic

  22. Did that opening sound make anyone else almost shit themselves?

    Shouldve been called “The Way of the Exploding Sphincter”

  23. @shenanhawkins tell me what program you used to record with..I’m from the c64 era and used to program basic and machine code on it and never heard of a program that could record do realize the 64 has only 64 kb of memory ? thats 4 times smaller than your average nude picture downloaded from the internet lol.

  24. @Umma6umma its not one of the designers screaming into the mic, the sound was programmed like all other sounds on the commodore. You could not “record” anything.. It sounded distorted cuz all speech synthesis on the commdore sounded like that, it was simply the best quality there was. The computer had 64 kb and only 32kb free ram, that less than your average JPG.

  25. The music pieve 0:08-0:11, longer in the actual game, is a traditional chinese song, “dance of the yao people” .

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