I get asked which apps I use for North American live sports, and these are my choices! Some I have been using for 2 years+, and one can be used on any browser! And i’ll also show you how to install them.

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  1. Thanks for the content.. have tried live sports but when I click on a particular game it doesn’t play. I can select various games but won’t activate feed when I double click… any suggestions?

  2. Hey Kevin. Good stuff as always. Looks like u got the update for the fire stick. I haven’t got mine for the fire cube. Which fire stick do u have and when did u get the update?

  3. Kevin can you please assist in solving the streaming problem on OLA tv , 80% OF THE CONTENT DOES NOT STREAM, and the constant message of SOURCE ERROR and in details it states ERROR CODE 401

  4. Hey, Kev..do you have an app that includes the sports channel Mav TV? Looking for a race channel.

  5. Thank you Kevin! Everyone thought that Crackstream was gone. I’ll pass along this info to Facebook group who were complaining..:a little bit

  6. Hey Kevin, another great video! Which airmouse do you mostly use?
    In this video is an orange one i saw.
    I heard that some of the airmouses have issues with the backbutton.
    Which airmouse do you recommend?

    Many thanks for al your fine video’s and researches.
    Greetings from the Netherlands and have an awesome weekend!

  7. Another great intro but I found it…too short compared to the last one! You’re really out doing yourself! The music and scenery are fantastic! Where abouts in Canada are you? Great content! Always a treat to come home from work and see you posted a new video. Much appreciated, thank you Kevin. Looking forward to many more. 👌🇨🇦

  8. my dear , your explanation is wow very nice Amazing Review to all App ❤️🔥🔥🔥👍❤️ 🔥🔥🔥 ❤️ you are the best 🙂 ❤️
    i like to say to you big thank you so much 🙂 ❤️
    you are big helping a lot 🙂 ❤️
    god bless you and your family always ❤️
    ❤️ Good luck :)❤️
    please bring an app has a indian bollywood movies or hindi new movies with a subtitles ❤️ please ❤️

  9. Hey what’s up Boss, thanks for all the info & videos. Always enjoy your stuff, question do you have a Latino app with Novelas & Series?

  10. Hey Kev! Another great intro btw. Would ya happen to know if there’s something up/wrong with the FireAnime apk?

  11. Thank you Kevin, greatly appreciated.
    Do you know of any sites where you can watch replays, Especially for the NHL? I’ve got Peacock and they have EPL & rugby replays but I need to find one for the NHL! Thank you in advance 👍

  12. almos every other day new video ,, kevin you’re amazing and we’re really appreciate your hard work .

  13. Lately I haven’t been able to remove any favorites from Cinema TV. I am able to add but not remove. I’ve cleared the cash cleared the settings restarted the app and still cannot remove any favorites. Anyone else have this happening?

  14. Thanks Kevin. I can’t get Silk Browser to work on my Nvidia Shield. The icon is visible but when I click on it nothing happens.

  15. Awesome intro Kev keep the vids coming! Question for Real Debrid does it renew automatically or do you have to do it manually? Thx

  16. Awesome video brother. Thanks for sharing. Keep the incredible content coming. Hope you have an amazing day. Much love

  17. The only thing it sucks the first sports APK that you were showing doesn’t show the NCAA college basketball

  18. The history channel app is currently messing up. When you download it on most Android devices, it asks for a television provider to view a lot of content. You can click a provider and it will try to verify but it messes up. You can click the back button and it will work as it would if you verified. This doesn’t work if you download on firestick (I haven’t checked side loading it from phone yet) but I know you have that other Android box and it will work on it. I have tried it on a ton of devices and it works on most. If you have an old Android phone, you could cast the app to firestick. But like I said, I haven’t tried to side load it from my phone to see if it works on firestick that way. I will get to that soon lol

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