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There is a dying breed in our midst…the Dirtbag Climber. Climbing has a rich history of heroic characters who push the sport by living on next to nothing in their cars or even in caves. In this lighthearted short film, Cedar Wright who spent his twenties as a ‘full time Dirtbag’ living between Joshua Tree and Yosemite, introduces us to James Lucas, one of an increasingly small number of people who are living the Dirtbag lifestyle. Cedar catches up with James in Indian Creek where they talk about the the cultural, social, and practical reasons that there are fewer and fewer people living as Dirtbags.

Director: Cedar Wright
Producer: Cedar Wright
Athletes: James Lucas
Sports: Adventure, Climbing

This Guy Is the Last of a Dying Breed of Climber | Cedar Wright Climbing Reels, ep. 5

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