G.I. Sportz met up with Dan Bone Break at the 2015 Super Game to catch all the action and highlights of the massive scenario event. Watch as we explore the world of Scenario Paintball!

Produced by G.I. Sportz
Filmed and Edited by Sina Azmoudeh
Music By Steve Angello feat. Mako – Children Of The Wild


  1. Nice video, but it still doesnt explain what scenario paintball is to an outsider. More so, describes who you can find playing paintball in general. Where is the explanation of role playing, constant action, mission based fire fights, ect.

  2. How only if HellFish would collect some player footage to put into their dvd I would consider buying it. If GI made a SG dvd like how this video is i would buy it.

  3. I want to make portuguese subtitles for this! Here in Brazil , scenario players and speedball players , don’t mix so well. Personally, I think it’s silly.

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