TJ Oshie (Washington Capitals) vs. Kris Letang (Pittsburgh Penguins) on 05/03/2018 via


  1. Why are you guys in denial about letang losing? He lost thats it get it over it he got his ass whopped and that’s that anybody with 2 eyes would see he got shit fucked up by Oshie

  2. Absolutely classless for Oshie to punch Letang when he was down. But what else would you expect from a capital?

  3. When two people who can’t fight try to fight each other.
    I’d hardly consider this a “fight”
    It was more of a shove and tug match between two morons 😂

  4. LOL Caps fans on here are praising Oshie for winning this fight. That’s the only win they can hold onto. Dirty hits and their players “winning” a fight. Caps team is pathetic just like their fan base.

  5. Dirty ass Oshie. Nice launch! Luckily Letang saw another dirty Cap coming for him. If you can’t win, play dirty. Karma Caps fan. Pens will do you again like every postseason.

  6. Pens fans calling dirty… with Crosby and Malkinin, fuck it, the entire shittsburgh team….

    Go fuck yourselves. I hope somebody takes cry baby out soon…

  7. Milbury was one of the dirtiest players when he played, so him defending Letang means nothing. Letang is a baby, cries foul at every hit, and has been caught by cameras twice in this series embellishing on penalty calls. Letang went willingly into that fight and got smoked by Oshie. Love it! Bring on Game 5!

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