Tommy Cooper as a black-belt karate expert. Note his amazing reflexes. Very inspirational.


  1. Just like this, just like that.
    I think he was warning us about things to come,…
    …on our shores now, aplenty

  2. ‘Get out of this without moving, I can’t’. Eric and Erni.
    Zen is a Western tradition!!?!!!

  3. I used to laugh uncontrollably at TC in the 70s at the time he was a funny guy .
    Times have changed if he was around today in almost 2021 i doubt he would make a living as a standup as his jokes aint that funny anymore

  4. Simply brilliant . The great Tommy Cooper. You know no matter how down you may feel sometimes, even just thinking about Tommy cooper can immediately make you feel better.
    For me a comic genious

  5. Tommy look a like Anders Eklund Heavy Weight Europe Master in boxing!
    Frank Bruno take the belt from him.
    T.Cooper was funny👍

  6. ” 6 men they were 7 foot tall they all attacked him at the same time” what happened ? ” They murdered him lol

  7. חקי חיון , טפשי אך מחוייך. הקארטיסט הזה פתח נגרייה עם על הקרשים הללו. אגב , חובה מיידית ומוחלטת לבטל בעולם כולו את כל אומניות הלחימה ואת כל סוגי הלוחמה והקרבות והאיגרוף והאבקות למיניהם.

  8. Although Tommy Cooper passed away shortly after I was born, he still one of the best ComicLegends ever

  9. Tommy Cooper 😆 best I’ve ever seen. Lighthair man do a perfect job. ALLAN CUTHBERTSON 👍

  10. Such a shame he left the stage too early, but I am sure the show carried on upstairs. R.I.P. Tommy, a true legend.

  11. I Sat there Laughing my head off, It was only Later that I found out that Tommy Cooper had suffered an Heart Attack and had practically died on stage doing what he did so well,Fantastic Comic there will never be another one like him. R.I.P.

  12. even now, so many years after his death , it is still funny, i grew up in the 70ties watching Tommy Cooper, i had a good laugh now with this one !!

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