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  1. I think Gonzalo Peillat and Noel Barrionuevo both from Argentina have better than this 🤷🤷

  2. Ok moments, not great. Fed up with straight drags being classed as great unless to win/draw a match in last second. SCs with moves and rehearsed deceptions are great.

  3. I would like to do sports and to be a champion,but i have no faith in myself😕. I have to believe in myself😴

  4. Stupid list, it seems that the compiler of this wanted to prove some point by including women goals, cause those goals quality was comparable to school level. Surely not worthy of a top 10 olympic list. Infact the whole list is absurd, and 10th number goal was better than all the ones placed above.

  5. Sin dudas el gol de *Luciana Aymar* es el mejor de todos! Aguante Argentina🇦🇷❤🇦🇷

  6. Is this an official video? Who has being paid for editing this piece of rubbish? I’m sure there were dozens of better goals than these at the Olympic Games

  7. most ordinary goals served as all time best
    the person who made this is definitely from US
    and got to know that hockey is played on grass as well on 24th of nov 16

  8. Aymar made hockey look like a child’s play. Btw, what’s with that #2 goal? That wasn’t Dwyer, was it?

  9. Si en India dejarán jugar a las mujeres capaz tendrían un gran equipo e increíbles jugadoras.

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