Re-Live the top plays from the 2019-20 Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season.


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  1. Nick Robertson is ready, fast, hungry…can play on the top 2 lines…i hope is he given a chance this year…Thornton, Simmonds…slow, old…we will see…lets get off to a fast start …must beat the scabs, the habnots in the first game…first place, a great year ahead …lets go guys.

  2. Great save from Campbell but idk if I'd call that the 5th best, or even a top 10 Leafs play from this season

  3. Now can you just imagine if they actually played for each other instead of them selfs, they will never win… not because of talent , they definitely have enough , they lack the hunger to win , where there is will there is way , just not enough balls to find it.

  4. So glad the boys are the training no more four on the ice at once no the full on training camp let’s go getting ready for the Stanley Cup qualifiers let’s go

  5. Explain how the Maple Leafs twitte didn't a month long pole of plays and the Matthew's vs. the Sabres won the whole thing and you dont have it #1??

  6. I despise the Leafs so much but I gotta admit their offence is kinda stacked just really overpaid

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