Jon Arthur shows the effectiveness of sweetcorn for catching quality bream on canals. Filmed last year during a brilliant session on the Oxford Canal.

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The Oxford Canal is 78 miles long and links Oxford with Bedworth/Coventry via the major towns of Rugby and Banbury. A number of fishing clubs and associations control the fishing. In the Oxfordshire region, Oxford itself as well as Lower Heyford to Enslow is largely controlled by Oxford & District AA. North Oxford AS control a short length from Oxford to Kidlington. Kidlington Angling Society control much of the water in the Kidlington region. From Fenny Compton through to Heyford is a long length controlled by Banbury & District AA. Much of the fishing is day tickets on the bank, but much cheaper if you purchase a book via local Oxfordshire and some Warwickshire tackle shops.

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  1. Hi Jon I do love watching your video’s and hope this will show anglers you don’t need a £3000 16 mtr pole to catch well! Incidentally is that the same swim Dean shot his video on canal bream, it’s looks very similar but nicer now with leaves on the trees. Regards Bill

  2. Great video Jon like the way you do your own filming (i know how hard it is) just had the silk elastic delivered do you think it’s worth the hype?

  3. If you think using a yellow coloured bait is going to appease the banana fan club you’re mistaken.
    Great vid though, I’ll give you that 😀

  4. hi jon. you do great video;s and i look for new ones everyday. when a bream video popped up on my phone saying jon arthur i could not wait to watch it. (bream fishing is my favourite) then you said last cast at the start and only 5 mins i was gutted lol. i know your a very busy man but would have loved to see it all. looking forward to the next one top man.

  5. U should try the kidlington stretch of canal I do pretty much every Saturday it’s a nightmare i have the best luck on a maggot feeder all red maggots we get some nice perch and some decent bream.

  6. Hello sir,i have buya new pole,my spot is thames river,is a possible use the sweetcorn like a groundbait?

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