After the success of the previous pump up/hype video (now labelled Leafs trailer), I decided to up the ante and make a video even better than before. This one took a while to edit so I hope you all enjoy!

All rights for the clips are reserved for Sportsnet, CBC, TSN, and the NHL.

Song: The Boys Are back – Dropkick Murphys

For entertainment purposes only.


  1. 2018 pre-season hype for the leafs should really be the footage of the blueline actually doin their job and not setting an nhl record for most turnovers a season lol. Dont get me wrong i love the leafs but jesus christ lets not worry about the fwds and work on that blueline. Whiiich seems to be happening in the pre-season so far, back to back 4-1 wins against the sens. Given the fact i live in ottawa and am surrounded by sens fans it feels pretty nice even tho the games dont matter. Just good shut the fuck up currency for shit talking sens fans. Wow, sry guys im really goin off here my bad lads.. If you’ve read this far, my bad for the rant haha

  2. I been a leafs fan since 85. And i truly believe this is the team to win the cup. Great coach great player. And huge Fan base. And we got the Hockey Gods Watching Over us. We Want Cup 2018 2019.

  3. OK so that ref pointing celly has to be the best one ever, all time in the NHL :p
    oh yeah good job on the video too!

  4. Funny that they used a Dropkick Murphys song for this considering they are stout Bruins fans.

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