Permit me say it as soon as far more — THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS Drop TO A ZAMBONI DRIVER!



  1. (as Don Cherry) It's like when, remember in Gone With the Wind?! Boy, I haven't seen this while coaching Boston. Anyhow, remember what happened to Scarlett O'Hara at the end? RHETT BUTLER HAS HAD IT WITH HER!! If I was him, I would've slugged her in the head or somethin'!! He's had enough of her after he pulled a Kerry Fraser to Bonnie Blue ridin' her horse! Guess what? She's dead! Remember folks, being a Leafs fan is like following Scarlett's footsteps! You gotta survive those tough years and I'm sure they'll do good in the near future!!

  2. Nick, if Grapes survived the poppy remark, I can imagine him comparing this game to John Lennon's Jesus remark, only this time; worse than what Lennon said. "It's like when John Lennon thought Jesus was a JOKE or somethin'!"

  3. Bandwagons would say I'm not a leafs fan cuz they lost to a Zamboni driver. But true fans would say I'm still gonna be a leafs fan till I die no matter what

  4. Damn that’s embarrassing but you gotta admit that zamboni driver is pretty that leafs just gotta stop being trash and actually get good

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