The Maple Leafs made a flurry of moves this offseason, adding toughness and experience to the team with hopes that will make them Stanley Cup contenders.


  1. I love the Leaf Nation poll. Next question should be: Is Your Mom the Bestest?, or Do You Like Fudge?

  2. 3 years ago we the leaf supporters had such great hopes for the future… each year in the last 3 they've actually gotten worse (pts total and no playoff step up) so its difficult to be optimistic of the upcoming season (if and when it happens). But, league parity aside, people were laughing at Tampa a year ago and look at them this year. Some times, it only takes the right tweaking til things click.

  3. The question is baseless. Since 2008 there is no statistical co- relation between the teams with the most or best talent and the teams that win. You can win the cup one year and miss the playoffs the next, then win again the year after. It’s just a random crap shoot. The stats show the Leafs could finish last place overall or win the cup with the same team.

  4. Need to be much tougher and need to be better defensively to go deeper in the playoffs. It sounds obvious but it bears repeating. Being able to stop the other guys from scoring relieves so much pressure on the forwards and especially with a forward group like the Leafs have, a shutdown defensive group would transform the franchise.

  5. The media is in denial about the fact that the leafs didn't even qualify for the playoffs in 2020. They have made some interesting changes but they are still not ready to challenge for the stanley cup in my view. I can only hope they compete through a couple of playoff rounds. That would be a huge improvement. I enjoy watching the team play. They are entertaining but they need a couple of more key pieces to challenge for the Stanley cup. "CLEAR THE TRACK HERE COMES SHACK!!"

  6. Does slower and older make most teams better. don't think, guess this is why it's 53 year's and counting.

  7. Is it just me or is it the same old song and dance come and retire in Toronto I don’t know
    Skill this is the NHL top of the food chain wtf

  8. As long as you have Reilly on the team you can add, Jumbo, Crosby, McKinnon. It does not matter. Absolutely no lead is safe with him on ice. Dubas needs to put together Reilly and Kerfy snd get us a solid punishing stay at home D man who can make an outlet pass. We have the best stars money can buy , in other words we don't need O we need D. Here is a typical shift for Reilly, he carries the puck up the ice simply because he can't and won't pass and he almost from an impossible angle tries to score and gets caught down low again and the opp team scores. Give Reilly a 5 nothing lead and that is still not enough with him on the ice . Never wins battles in the corner like his buddy Gardiner, never gives up the body to make that pass, never hits anyone, can not clear anyone from the front of freddy. Cannot make a simple outlet pass and most importantly he is stat padder, selfish player like Tavares except John can score. Reilly = Early playoff exit.

  9. They are different , definitely not better , lost in some areas and gained in others. On paper means nothing , they need to dig deep down and want to win. The 4 “Core” players haven’t done shit. Your best players need to be your best players , I’m not convinced and anyone whom lacks the realistic view of the team will get disappointed….. again.

  10. The Leafs are banking on a lot of older players to continue to produce, Anderson to have a bounceback (after everyone was trying to move him), and their defence to pick up the offence if Rielly has another season like the last and with Barrie gone.

    With question marks in Mikheyev, Simmonds, Vesey, Spezza, Thornton, and Robertson's production abilities, I would be doubtful about saying this team has definitely improved. They probably did, but there's still a good chance they didn't.

  11. Leafs didn’t make an early playoff exit, they didn’t make the playoffs. They lost in qualifier.

  12. Gonna need more grit to win a cup . No point in having guys like barabanov and kerfoot in this lineup . But overall they're much better , just not cup ready IMO

  13. Leafs get Pietrangelo from VGK for TJ Brodie and a 7th rounder due to buyers remorse, they also traded Bogosian + Kerfoot for Seth Jones. Then they got Hedman from TB for David Clarkson in a cap clearing move. But have the Leafs done enough?

  14. Why do they keep talking about the Mikheyev situation? He signed like a week ago for $1,645,000. And all those questions about how they will shed just over 1 million in cap… easy, they arnt going to carry 8 D and 13 F

  15. Dufas needs to GO!! So does Nylander and Marner. Both of these girls are soft and useless in the playoffs!!

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