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Support the stream: Hiya whats up guys, my name is Steve games here you will find live streams on pc, also i live stream on ps4 doing minecraft custom stadiums and more if you like my channel please dont forget to subscribe to not miss out on anything thanks and happy gaming!

CHAT RULES: If any of the rules get broken, the first offence is a 5 minute time out. A second offence is banned until the end of the stream and the third will be a permanent ban from the channel

1) No Swearing
2) Be Kind to Others (even if you dont get on)
3) Don’t ask for mod
4) Don’t spam chat
5) Listen to the mods (they’re there for a reason)
6) No Asking for Money/Gifts/In Game Items
7) No Self Promotion
8) No Racism/Homophobia/Discrimination
9) Keep chat PG (Steve has younger viewers)
Rules will be enforced my Mykela (Steve Games in chat)

Snapchat: ytstevegames

Live Stream Schedule
Stream times may vary depending on work Hours, otherwise see below
Monday: Fortnite
Tuesday: Minecraft Stamford Bridge
Wednesday: Fortnite
Thursday: Minecraft Wembley
Friday: Fortnite
Saturday: Fortnite