Tracking Out of Rough

Playing conditions for professional golfers change week to week and so does their equipment.

Whether players are looking to build a hot 3 wood for off the tee or different gapping for their wedge setup, course conditions play a major factor when prepping for a tournament.

This week on the Korn Ferry (Victoria National) and PGA Tour (East Lake) the rough is higher than the given weeks. Rough conditions aren’t a given percentage like elevation when seeing how much you can get out of a certain shot.

Depending on certain lies is the factor of how far you can advance the ball out of rough conditions. You can see Corey Conners testing rough conditions by seeing how far a maximum shot out of the rough will go.

Since we are measuring the full ball flight with any condition this is great knowledge to know when making decisions on the golf course. Players dial in their stock yards from the fairway, but every player can benefit from knowing different course conditions week to week on tour.