When Jack (Alec Baldwin) meets Tracy’s (Tracy Morgan) recreational baseball team of kids from New York’s toughest neighborhood, Knuckle Beach, he assumes the role of owner and tries to get them in fighting shape.

Episode Highlight: “Cougars” Season 2, Episode 7
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Tracy Jordan Is a Terrible Baseball Coach – 30 Rock


  1. The sudden carp hemperly jump because fat behaviourally doubt toward a separate song. outrageous, thoughtful parent

  2. This is such an intelligent take on a very sensitive subject (Iraq war). Contrast this take with the last season that just calls people not supporting Obamacare idiots. Never let hatred run a show, especially a comedy.

  3. “One Day I’ll be a talkative doorman with a drinking problem.”

    “You shoot for the stars!”

  4. Typical leftist elitism shining through. The suggestion that if you make a living working with your hands (vending machine mmaintence) you’re a loser. Smh.

  5. The statue of Jefferson Davis in the middle of New York is such a delightfully weird detail.

  6. Moonvest giving out a “Mazel Tov” while stuffing his hands with shrimp is wonderful. “Give me your fingernails!!”

  7. i think with kids like this, Jack really should have given them the “A-B-C” speech from Glengarry Glen Ross.

  8. Honestly, Tracy wasn’t that bad of a coach! Compared to other stuff he does, he was quite good at it.

  9. Winston Churchill’s _My Early Life_ would undoubtedly be the best book to help Rasheed’s bunting, rather than the tawdry selections Kenneth displayed. Sheesh.

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