From rods to line, hooks to baits, Matt and Tim share all their tips and secrets to refining your finesse tube fishing equipment so you can begin putting more fish in the boat!

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  1. awesome video gentlemen!  love the informational videos with the both of you!  that’s the best thing about fishing with or learning from multiple people.  you get to learn different methods and find out what works best for you.  keep up the good work!

  2. Great video! Hey man we have this fishing channel as well, and we were wondering what you used to mount the camera up on that spittin wa video. It would really help us…. Thank you

  3. Great video Matt and Tim always wondered about tubes always used other baits on jigheads for finesse I am wondering what size jigheads do you usually use I use 1/4oz down to 40 ft but the tube has a lot more drag than what I usually use so should I go up to like 5/16 or 3/8 thanks guys so much and happy holidays to you and your families

  4. I’m just getting into fishing tubes for smallies, and this video was very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge!

  5. An oldie but a goodie, fellas. Perhaps consider an update, if you think it is warranted… And a couple questions as well. Matt, do you have a preference to the flat or vertical line tie on the Bite Me tube jig heads? And Tim, what was the second color of the Dry Creek tubes that you like, not the Old Ugly, the brown one. This is definitely my favorite bass fishing channel, just so much practical, technical information from both of you.

  6. helo Matt and Tim , do you guys ever fish tubes exclusively for largemouth bass , I mean particularly on a football head in the same areas and situations were you would throw a football jig ? mabey as a replacement to the football jig when things get a bit slow or pressured ?

  7. Hello love the video! Nobody really talks about tube fishing, also love you guys using dry creek being from Idaho and knowing the guy who makes them that awsome, and just a thought I love the old ugly and the water melon colors but in dirty water or a fishery with golden shiners and stuff the old ugly with attitude is amazing I know it looks goofy but gotta try it if you love the old ugly

  8. What sz tubes and do you drag hop or both to see what they want that day? And should I be fishing tubes for largemouth? Thanks guys!

  9. Good info. My question: when to fish a tube and why a tube instead of a worm/craw/creature bait?

  10. Great video guys, as always. Very informative. So I am sort of an equipment collector, which I am sure you guys can relate to. The biggest difference between us is that this is very much a profession for you guys and more of a hobby for me (or so my wife tells me that is the difference). I have 25 rods for specific tactics, ie two crankbait rods, two drop shot rods, two tube rods etc etc. My question is, I really like my tube rod and reel set up. Okuma EVx B, 7’1″ MH spinning rod paired with Shimano Ultegra 3000. Just a great set up. And I would like to use that set up for more than just tube fishing, ie when I am not tube fishing. Are there other applications that are similar to tube fishing that you think this set up would be good for? Keep in mind I am a devout spinning rod guy, so I don’t use any casting set ups, so my arsenal has been compiled to cover all applications, hence the number of rods. I am trying to “thin the herd” which will require me to be a little more diverse with each set up than just a single application, so I thought I would start with this combo as I really like it and I would like to get more out of it. Thanks for the videos and I look forward to your reply.

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