Tyler Seguin with a Hat Trick and Patrick Kane with a goal vs SC Bern with Mark Streit and John Tavares.


  1. Da hatte sich Mark Streit ein wenig erkältet, bei diesem Tempo, mit welchem die Bieler Lockout Stars an ihm vorbei gezogen waren…

  2. Why is everyone insulting this league? Just like if something is not NHL it’s a crap. Don’t be the stereotype of the classic North American who can’t appreciate anything that doesn’t come from America. Be respectful thank you (and if you judge a league by the jerseys you are stupid)

  3. Ya I know, thats great..still looks stupid to the rest of the world..but suit urself if u think its so great

  4. oh gosh..

    for every goal and assist a “Top scorer” makes the juniors of the team get 200 or 500 bucks to use… ( Dont know anymore exactly how much it was but it is 200 -500 Swiss Francs)

  5. A league with barely any checking or physical contact in which all players that were from the NHL are returning EXCEPT some of the soft Russians who just wanna skate and do moves all day an hot dog. The NHL even with 3 lockouts, is still the best competition you’re going to get in any league in the world, which is why people flock right back to it (fans and players)

  6. Ah thats why every good hockey player from europe and north america tries to get in it, because its pathetic and retarded.

  7. It does look weird. The jerseys themselves are ugly enough as is; one player a team having inverted colours or whatever it is makes it even more ugly and confusing.

  8. That topscorer thing this league has, is really stupid and makes me loose respect for this league. Its frankly retarded

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