U.S. fails to qualify for Olympic Games in men’s soccer after loss to Honduras.
The United States men’s national soccer team won’t be competing at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
While the senior men’s squad defeated Northern Ireland 2-1 in a friendly, the under-23 side lost 2-1 to Honduras in the semifinals of the CONCACAF qualifying tournament. As a result, the U.S. failed to qualify.
Juan Carlos Obregon got the first goal for Honduras, and Luis Palma doubled their lead in the 47th minute. Jackson Yueill halved the deficit, but the U.S. couldn’t find an equalizer in the match held in Mexico.
Coaches are limited to selecting up to three players who are over the age requirement, which has been raised to 24 this summer due to delaying the Olympic Games by one year.
Having said that, the Olympics is a great opportunity for younger players to gain valuable experience on a world stage.
The future of the USMNT is bright, with an increasing number of Americans plying their trade abroad. Valencia midfielder Yunus Musah’s decision to represent the United States was seen as a minor coup as well.
But simply qualifying for the World Cup isn’t enough anymore, even after the U.S. missed the 2018 edition altogether.

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  1. My high school was considered a ‘soccer school.’ And if you didn’t play soccer on a team, growing up, soccer class was pretty weird, because kids, who did play on teams, would play like it was a team sport you practiced for. They were a little too gung ho about PE class, when it was soccer time. But. The ONLY reason why these kids would do it was to get into an elite school. The one kid, from my grade, who got into Yale, did not do well on their team. US soccer is not like soccer ‘mania’ elsewhere, which is kinda funny that our Women’s National Team dominates. A couple of years ago, there was this buzz around ‘Super Salah,’ an Egyptian player, and I was watching this interview. When you’re traveling, you can feel the energy around soccer, but you return to the US, you lose that enthusiasm, and when you want to watch cool sports on youtube, you go back to MMA, NBA, NFL, WWE, boxing. So. US team fizzles, yet again. It shouldn’t be this thing to ponder. You know? Like . . wow . . why are we so bad? Unless we decide to take part in the camaraderie that nations feel when their team is playing another nation, we don’t deserve to be there. I would much rather a team like Honduras makes it to the Olympics over us, because they love soccer so much more in S America.

  2. Who rrealy gives a sh#t. I’d rather watch paint dry than to watch soccer. Soccer is right down there with Baseball as far as boring.

  3. Ridiculous, the US needs to stop promoting US coaches to lead their national team. US coaches lack the world experience to lead their team to victory or to just simply qualify for a tournament. You wouldn’t hire the best PeeWee league coach as a coach of a division 2 team. The soccer coaches of the best teams in the world have a long tradition of success over decades, playing constantly against the best in the world not the best in the state (US states). Clearly, the US is fairly new in the soccer world. It takes 20 or 25 years to built a successful football Soccer program. And, thats the time, the US team has wasted trying to promote coaches within their organization. Imagene, for the past, 20 25 years, the US team is being playing against the best coaches in the world with the best PeeWee level coaches in the US. Think of it as the best PeeWee coach against Vince Lobardi’s type of coaches. The only 2 times the US hire a non-US coach they did pretty well considering the length of time the US is being playing Soccer. WAKE UP US. Honduras is one of the worst teams in the world. What does that tell you???

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