In this video, I go over UFAs the Maple Leafs should look to inquire about this upcoming trade deadline!


  1. Correction: the Penguins bought out Jack Johnson, but they still have Cody Ceci and bad goaltending.

  2. Dermott is not cutting it yet and this is the season to go for it so dermott cannot be in the lineup this season. We should replace him with a dependable rugged defenseman for the playoffs. Simmonds and Bogosian and hyman not enough true grit for playoffs.

  3. I would want Wayne Simmons on top line it’s great how they play but if we get player like Fran land then maybe he’ll play top line but I loved how Wayne Austin and Mitch played earlier this year

  4. I am a huge Leafs fan, for a long long time. My concern here wuth this team is that they are not built for Stanley Cup Playoffs. Too many Nancy's!! I hope I am wrong!

  5. I know ive said this before last year when people were penciling Robertson in on the second line to play with Tavares. I dont see a fit for robertson on this team this year and beyond as long as they have The top 4 they have. Robertsons play style means he needs to play top 6 imo. He wouldnt fit well with either those top 4 players imo. They need a puck battler forchecker heavy power forward on that wing. its the same thing that happened to Johnsson, hes a good player but his play style suggested he needs top 6 minutes but he didnt fit with the top 4. to me Toronto needs to hold off on burning any of his years let him develop longer. and when guys like Hirvonen,Amirov , Abramov are ready he will be ready to come up as well hopefully by then toronto will have won a cup and have to move out guys because of gthe cap and he will fit better into the top 6.

    Now i wouldnt mind if the leafs actually traded Anderson , if they could bring back a very solid backup to Campbell making less then half what anderson makes. Campbell I believe has proved hes ready for a bigger role, atleast to become part of a tandem. I think recovering something you can use to bring back possibly that top 6 forward would be nice also freeing up some cap space.
    Now I dont see that happening just because their goaltending is soo shallow but i really hope they dont resign anderson, and decide to go with a tandem next year.

    the leafs need 3 pieces imo. a top 4 defencman , a top 6 forward and possibly a third line shutdown pk centre who can block shots.

    I would reallyt like Larsson from edmonton, I know what people are going to say no way, However hes a very solid gritty defencman playing him with muzzin would be great for the playoffs. but edmontons in it , So I want them to circle back to Savard. hes having a dow2n year in columbus so I bet it wont cost an arm and a leg to get him. But playing him with Muzzin would be nice.

    This is what I want the leafs lines to lookj like going into the Playoffs.

    Hyman- Danault -Boyd


    I know what people are going to say , But if Montreal continues to tank I dont see them wanting to continue having all that salary on the books, and with Danault coming UFA at years end I dont see them being able to resign him given the other contracts theve given out and whos ahead of him in the deoth charts.
    Danault is great in the defensive zone and is around 50% on draws not the best but a huge improvment over Kerfoots 40%.
    The leafs and Habs have hooked up in the past for a third line centre for a playoff run in Tomas Plekanec. I think aquiring Danault to play PK and to centre the third line shutdown line. Danault should cost to much to land as hes had a very rough season offensively however the leafs dont need him for his offense so to me its a perfect fit.

    to me that is a serious cup contender.

  6. Don't you worry young man, your hair looks great (you'll wish you had it once you hit mid-age)!! 😉

    So here's some observations from last night's game against Edmonton that shifted my opinion a little bit:
    * The line of Thornton-Tavares-Marner was amazing (but Tavares has something wrong in his game)…
    * The line of Barbanov-Kerfoot-Nylander was incredible on offense, but scary on defense…
    * I don't get why Spezza isn't get 2nd line playing time?! This guy STILL has zip in his game…
    * If we lose Hyman we're going to see a HUGE impact on Toronto's roster for the worse #KeepHyman!!!
    * It's time to reward Robertson and stop giving Mikheyev & Vesey endless chances…
    * Matthews is (without a doubt) our best goal scorer, BUT, he still isn't the best team leader or best at lifting other people up…

    And you're right, we don't give Toronto enough credit. Having said that, there IS a difference between a division that has TB, Boston, Florida vs. a division that has Montreal & Ottawa as your ''toughest'' opponenents. Only time will tell, but for now I'm with you, let's celebrate they ARE the best team in the NHL statistically until they can prove their worth in the playoffs. 🙂

  7. Why the hell would anyone, especially dudes, care about another dudes hair, and on a hockey channel!!? Sure, DTSB does appear to be using a balloon to comb his hair, but that's his prerogative!! I'm almost not completely skeptical that there are chicks out there who dig the freshly ballooned hair look!!

    So, for the love of Maple Leaf hockey and bacon, eyes off the hair and onto the 'bidnuz' of hockey!! KRIPES!! ")

    Jack ~'()'~

  8. Just thought of a cap loophole that maybe could ensure that the Leafs could add players by the deadline regardless of cap. So say the Leafs want a Hall or Forsberg at the Deadline but don't want to give up a top 4 guy, only prospects and picks in order to acquire them. So deadline is Apr 12th and say if the Leafs want a Forsberg they would have to wait for two weeks for him to play so Apr 26th that would leave 7 games left in the season for the Leafs to either secure or obtain a playoff spot if they are secured they can shutdown a player for rest or place them on the LTIR and have Forsberg or Hall play the last 6 or 7 games left with the Leafs in order to gain chemistry with them and then by the time the Playoffs rolls around the Cap Floor doesn't exist so the Leafs could then activate that player from the LTIR and have a fully bolstered Offensive core with 4 or 5 Elite level players on that team like how Chicago in 2015 pulled off the Chicago Gambit and it earned them a cup win as a result? Something to think about? Also, I like the idea of Eric Staal joining this team! With the right line mate ( In my head Mikhayev and Hyman ) that 3rd line would be extremely tough to beat! Only time will tell GLG!

  9. u sir get a sub! Also what do you think of the third line that they had out against oilers last night?

  10. Are you trying to say that Edmonton and Winnipeg are just as good as Boston and Tampa Bay of Toronto's regular division rivals? The Canadian Division IS the weakest. The top 3 teams in every other division is much better than the 2 teams directly below Toronto in the Canadian Division, period.
    As far as the deadline deals go, sometimes the best deals are the deals you don't make. Good teams that compete every year for a long time do not throw away picks in the top 2 rounds.

  11. Getzlaf ain't leaving Anaheim.
    Staal could be a good fit.
    I like iafallo alot for the leafs.
    I would go all in on Kyle Palmieri

  12. I'm so sick of hearing people claim the north is the weakest division and what a joyride the leafs have had against a defenseless division. It comes off as envious whining to me. I've gone out of my way to watch the other top division teams play, and I'm not seeing this "amazing goal tending and defense" that apparently only exists outside the north division.

  13. Over the past couple games, Engvall has looked like he might be the 3C we're looking for. If that works out, then the Leafs might be in a position to just trade for the best player they can get, regardless of position. If everyone can get healthy, then there aren't really any holes in the roster that drastically need addressing, which would free them up to just load up wherever they feel they can get the best addition(s).

  14. I trust Dubas at this point to pick up the player/players or no players to take this run. Let's see how the next 20 games go.

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