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  1. I know I’m 3 years late but, context on the video starting 7:00 that benz had gone through that round about at least 3 times prior showing off.

  2. I dont like it when any other like it when any other race except my race black people say nigga

  3. The vette one is actually pretty sad…you'd think this guys friends would have stopped him early on and said "YER DOIN IT WRONG GRANDPAW!"

  4. 2:39 That was test one LMAO what was the test? To see how powerful Brembo brakes are and how fucking stupid you are? Shit had me crying.

  5. The Incredible Bulk made an ass out of himself on his Harley but at least he had his Manly Fanny Pack. LMAO

  6. You know people hate you when they let you burn your clutch out and don’t tell you you’re not spinning your tires until after you get out.

  7. What kind of friends know your not spinning the tires on a corvette and just let you keep going and burn out your clutch 🙄

  8. Video really gives me a new perspective on Just how damn dumb are society has become!! People with zero better going on than chasing idiots that crash there cars while being stupid too

  9. the idiot at 3:45 in the bmw m4 posted on the bimmer forum that this was an "accident." he actually said "a mistake happened today." super long post but basically he said this happened due to incorrect tire pressure in the tires. he also tries to validate this by saying he has driven multiple 500+ hp sports cars and he has experience with high horsepower cars. face it dude, you're an idiot and do not belong behind the wheel of a sports car.

  10. He's crashed what's the best action to take? All go ohhhh very loud then get the mobile phone out and film the crashed car that should help

  11. Hormones don’t give intelligence! Female show their ass and men show their muscles but nobody shows to have brain.

  12. Shouldn't all those Hispanics be cleaning my toilets instead of running around wrecking cars and taking pictures?

  13. 7:50 could you imagine crashing your car while doing something stupid and then suddenly there are hundreds of people crowded around you in a circle like that?!?! How embarrassing!!

  14. 3:42

    Start naming some symptom that may Beemer have after ramming the curb it seemed the rear.had a harder impact…. I'm not a mechanic but I think the suspension may have gotten messed some of the struts shocks axles …
    If u know anything about cara what would be ur say just asking ???

  15. I like how bikers just have a good laugh about wrecking there bike so long as no one gets hurt.

  16. Ok, all these fuckin morons were absolute retards and got their just desserts. But the fuck nugget at 2:51 made the conscious choice to turn right and drive on sand. That is somehow worse!

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