Clips from the 9/17/11 Utah Football vs BYU game


  1. Stop living in the past? Tell that to all the BYU fans who still hold onto 1984 like it makes up for everything that’s happened to the team the past ten years!

  2. Clearly dominated the U? Are you kidding? Do a little research before you argue. The Utah-BYU rivalry is 55-34-4, in favor of the Utes. Even disregarding the past, it’s 7-3, Utah. Face it, Utah has more conference championships, more post-season bowl wins, and more BCS bowl wins. Until BYU evens up the rivalry series with Utah, Ute football is flat out better. If you don’t believe me, look it up.

  3. Wrong. Utah doesn’t suck. They’ve had winning seasons since 2003. The Utes football has been very consistent since the 90’s. They’ve also busted the BCS twice within the last 10 years. And the Utes finishing with an 8-5 record on their first season of being in the PAC 12 is not bad at all….

    And byu was actually decent last year……10-3 is not bad…(regardless of byu’s strength of schedule last year)….

  4. byu’s national title is debatable. Beating ZERO ranked teams all year long doesn’t prove that you’re a national champion! byu didn’t beat even one team that finished the season ranked in the top 25 polls in 1984. byu had no proof to show that they were #1 because they were not tested against any quality teams that year. Just because the voters and polls say that a team is #1 doesn’t mean they’re correct. Regardless of the championship talk; byu still failed to lead the overall record vs. Utah!

  5. Every game and season counts no matter how far back the time-line is! The only reason why you and other byu fans don’t count the games that happened long before your time is because you byu fans know that the Utes dominated your cougars during that era…..(which ruins your “better rivalry team” argument)!

  6. @MrFitzwilly

    You are like a typical zoob USU fan! You have to bend statistics and dates to favor your argument. 55-34-4 says it all. Utah clearly owns and dominates this rivalry. Let me correct you on something! Utah has won more conference championships than BYU, 24-23 look it up! Super Bowl winning QB’s are only relevant to the NFL and have no bearing on College Football! Let’s come back to the present day and look at reality! Utah is looking to kick BYU’s ass for the third straight year.

  7. @MrFitzwilly kettle calling the pot black then huh?

    You win the WAC this year with all those great WAC teams you’ve beaten?

  8. wlfman, Look who is going back in time to satisfy their arguement? The 1800’s? 1984 is like yesterday compared to that. And by your reasoning, byu clearly has dominated when you dicount ancient games from 1800’s to about 1970. Conference champions continually, heisman trophy, quarterback factory, one of the best head coaches ever, two superbowl QB’s, on and on. And I am actually a USU fan, and let me tell you they can now beat most high school teams.

  9. Loser utes lose to Colorado and the basketball team lost to harvard, wow such a force to be reckoned with in the college sports world. Pathetic.

  10. @yakamanative8 good call haha, wish we had jordan wynn that game… try to keep the ball out of prices hands

  11. @MrFitzwilly Congratulations on BYU’s pre-BCS national championship from the 1980’s? Wait, what year is it again? And how many BCS bowl games has BYU won? I can’t remember… Could you tell me BYU’s record in the Holy War?

  12. And Utah has how many national championships? Say it again? One more time? ZERO, none, zilch.

  13. BYU is overrated and always will be! I am so glad that Utah went down there and dominated BYU on there home turf! I was laughing and smiling throughout that whole game. Go Utes!

  14. @TubeNumber1USA I’m an active member of the LDS church and I will bleed red until my veins and arteries are empty and I die. Coach Whitt happens to be an active LDS as well as many members and former members of our team (the mighty Eric Weddle, Paul Kruger, Morgan Scalley, etc.). More than half of Ute fans are LDS. So Joseph Smith probably wouldn’t care. Brigham Young (the FOUNDER of the U) would probably be pretty stoked right about now. Frankly, BYU and the LDS church are not one in the same.

  15. Turn the volume all the way down on this video, then open another tab in your browser. Go to youtube and look up “Zack Hemsey – Mind Heist (Inception Trailer music)” Start both videos at the same time with the volume from the Inception video being the only sound (unless you want to hear faint crowd sounds from this one). One word….EPIC.

  16. At least BYU won the DODGEBALL event the night before…
    Obviously all of BYU’s players had spent their strongest efforts and training for that match, how could anyone expect them NOT to fumble in the end zone twice and have so many turnovers… honestly?

  17. The final score was the second largest margin of victory in the history of the rivalry. I was very pleased. The Utes dominated the BYU yard.
    GO UTES!! 🙂

  18. As the rainy season looks to set in, this will keep me smiling for many weeks. “That’s like a video game” sweet.

  19. Hillarious, Ironic and very fitting to see all the “Y” fans with their Capital Letter “Y” in front of their jerseys. And all their collective Borg faces in utter disbelief, as if saying to themselves “Y” why why LOL

  20. To be fair, BYU highlights should have been included. It would have only taken another 5-10 seconds.

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