MAGIC CHESS Tips and Gameplay

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  1. – to unlock hero library, buy magic chess pass
    – magic chess pass will remain active for the entire season
    – new season means you should buy new magic chess pass
    – If Argus has Helcurt’s Curse, he can use it twice….as long

    as he doesn’t die after he uses warmonger
    – Johnson only use his skill once. Unless you give him

    immortality, he will use it after revives
    – purify only stop you heroes from getting pulled by Luo Yi.

    they will still get stunned tho
    – If you put Empire Cystal on Miya, she will not drain mana

    but the enemy she is hitting will still lose it
    – Even in silence, Claude can still use it skill….
    – mirror abe 1 will deal +4 damage if you lose
    – monster round in placement stage will not drop crystals
    – Remy 2 doesn’t add your interest in 20++ gold…you will still get +4 interest

    care to add more?

  2. Best of meta..
    Hello guys… Master magic chess
    I need advice from all of you
    Please sand me feedback
    Thanks before…

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