This is my second card return from PSA through Ludkins Collectables ever! You can get your trading cards like Pokemon graded through them but also your sports cards! This time was just hockey but I have more coming soon I hope! Check them out if you are considering to grade for the first time:
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  1. I have no clue what all these sportscards are, but cool that you could add them to the collection. #MC500

  2. Nice psa returns! Don’t know much about hockey but collecting is collecting 😂 Great video! #MC500

  3. wow ik i am ment to talk about da pokemon cards and ik i am british but i am a massive pittsburgh penguins fan 😀

  4. Tapu Lele used to be expensive, then they printed a promo and also it’s rotated. Never grade playable cards

  5. Great intro!!! It’s like a kid in the candy store I bet when graded cards come back, sadly I have not sent off anything yet as I’m trying to save up some money for grading as I have a TON. Cool sports cards as well! 😀 #MC500

  6. Some awesome psa cards I always want to get mine graded but I’m too scared to in case they get lost or break in the mail lol 😂 #MC500

  7. That Tapu Lele looks familiar? I’m definitely going to look into using Ludkins very curouse on a few cards I have.

  8. I love the PSA cards you got back. Most of them were good and most of them were not bad, but decent. I love sports cards. My favorite sports are basketball and football. I don’t know much about them, but I would like to have some cards of basketball and football someday. #MC500

  9. #MC500, btw about the Tapu Lele and how it went down in value after it rotated out of the playable set rules do u think Crobat will be like that too?(for me I rly dont know y but I suddenly kinda like Crobat🤣)

  10. sorry my flyers knocked the habs outta the play offs. fingers crossed this is our year but the islanders dont mess about these days. really enjoyed that video. would be cool to get my hands on a bobby clarke card. but then i know nothing about hockey cards. any chance you can show us more? are they playable in anyway or just for collection? #MC500

  11. Congrats on all the grading! Always cool to have them sealed up and protected especially if they are ones you like. Great intro! #MC500

  12. Habs fan here too! I have Roy’s rookie, but it’s Topps and not O-Pee-Chee. It also has a small ding in the corner (it’s raw). I actually don’t have any slabbed cards.

  13. Have never sent anything off to psa… Have a rainbow rare charizard from burning shadows to send but seems scary. #MC500 would you wait til 2021 for faster turnaround?

  14. Your personality is perfect for YouTube. You’re a joy to watch! Also, you look a little bit like Martin Freeman. Imagine if he was a secret Pokemon fan!

  15. idk if i can keep watching as a Bruins fan knowing you’re a habs fan… haha my dad has BOOKS of 70s/80s hockey cards we should get graded

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